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Age:  12 years old

Breed: Jack Russell X (17lb)

Gender: Male

Dogs: Please read profile

Cats: Toby has never met a cat. He may be okay.

Kids: Older children, if calm and respectful

Location: Calgary

Medical: Toby has environmental allergies and unknown food allergies. He requires an allergy shot every 6 weeks and eats hypoallergenic food. 

ADOPTION STATUS: Available for Adoption

Toby's Story

Toby is an extraordinary dog who would make the perfect companion for anyone seeking unconditional love and loyalty. Toby is a very sensitive and affectionate pup. He loves to snuggle on the couch during the day and snuggle in bed with you at night.


Toby is still a very active and enjoys a fast paced walk, no dawdling for this little man! He likes the park and has good recall. That said Toby has mixed feelings about other dogs. While he is comfortable around them out on a walk, he tends to resource guard people in the home and would therefore be safest as an only dog. 


When Toby is very excited he does try to nip your nose. It is very gentle and endearing but can be startling. For this reason, Toby should not go to a home with young children.


Toby does not enjoy car rides and is very anxious on them. He also has some minor separation anxiety and will need a human who will work with him to relax when they leave. He is not destructive but vocal when alone and so he would benefit from some training and detached housing in the interim, unless his adopter is home all day (which is definitely Toby's preference!). 


Housetraining is a work in progress and he does have accidents in the house, but is learning how to ask to go outside. We are optimistic this will continue to improve. His new family needs to be patient while he continues to learn and gets comfortable asking to go out in a new environment.


Anyone lucky enough to adopt Toby would undoubtedly enjoy a lifetime of love and companionship, so we highly suggest you  apply here to start the adoption process. 

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