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The Animal Rescue Transfer Society (ARTS) was formed in 2010 when it became clear that there were many animals being overlooked in pounds and shelters who were in need of someone to advocate for them to find a place in rescue. Rather than forming a rescue group that would soon reach capacity, ARTS had the vision of establishing a network of rescue organizations that could be called upon to take in an animal whose time was limited in the shelters.

Fast forward to 2014, it became evident that a lot of older animals were being passed over in favour of their younger counterparts. As a result, the Senior Animal Rescue division of ARTS was established; a niche rescue organization that would focus solely on senior cats (ages 10+) and dogs (ages 8+).

ARTS Senior Animal Rescue is a 100% volunteer run charity that takes in senior cats and dogs from overcrowded shelters, rescues, and pounds, along with strays and voluntary surrenders. We are shelter-free and all of our rescues are placed in carefully vetted foster homes until a forever home is found. The organization is funded entirely on donations and we are grateful for the amazing support of our ever growing senior animal loving community!


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