How much are adoption fees for cats and dogs?

Dogs Single: $260 | Bonded: $300 Cats Single: $100 | Bonded: $150

Application: Initial Screening

All applicants will receive a telephone interview with a member of our interview team. We do our very best to interview all applicants within two weeks. Please be patient and remember that every member of our team is a volunteer : ) We are not a first come first serve rescue and all applicants will receive an interview. Please pay close attention to the status of the animal you are applying for (Animals marked closed or pending adoption are not accepting applications. Top applicants from initial screening will be sent for a second interview with the foster parent of the animal.

Application: Secondary Screening

The foster parent will conduct a second interview – applicants are encouraged to ask as many questions about he animals day to day life as possible. We want to make sure that this is the right fit for everyone involved! You will be guided through this process by an adoption coordinator. The top applicant will be scheduled for a meet and greet and a home check – where you live in relation to the animal determines which order these steps happen in. Both the home check and meet and greet need to be considered successful by all parties (foster, adopter and adoption coordinator). Please note: At the meet and greet all family members (humans and dogs) are expected to be present. If this is not possible for you please disclose this up front so that options can be discussed. After the above steps are complete, the contract is signed and the adoption fee is paid – your new family member can come home! Congratulations! Please keep us updated at and join the Alumni Facebook Group

Unsuccessful Application

Please do not get discouraged. We often have multiple great applications, but only one animal. It is very tough to chose only one person, and it is very hard on us to disappoint a hopeful family. Please remember that we have zero tolerance for any abuse toward any of our volunteers, and not being selected does not mean that you would not be a great home for another one of our seniors. We are happy to work with interested families to find another senior that will be a match for them, and we will keep applications on file for the future if you would like us to.