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  • How long does the adoption process take?
    It can take us up to two weeks to complete the initial interview, but after that is complete the rest of the process can happen as fast as the scheduling of both you and the foster allows.
  • Why do you have so many steps? It seems difficult to adopt.
    Seniors are extra sensitive to moving and life changes. It is our goal to make sure that this is the last move our seniors will ever make. Because of this, we go the extra mile in making sure we are selecting the right home
  • Do you allow trial adoptions?
    We do not allow trial adoptions as too much movement is hard on seniors, but if an adoption does not work out for any reason we will always make sure the animal can return to the care of ARTS Senior Animal Rescue. If the return happens within 3 weeks you have the choice of having your adoption fee returned to you, or it can be converted to a charitable donation and you will receive a tax receipt.
  • Do you have a shelter where we can visit the animals?
    No, we are foster home based. Sometimes we have events where animals are available for visits, we try to make the attendance list known as early as possible on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.
  • Why is your adoption fee so high?
    We feel that our adoption fees are very reasonable. Seniors often come to us needing thousands of dollars in medical care. Your adoption fee helps us take care of the next senior in need. Our fees are: Single dog adoption - $260.00, Bonded pair of dogs - $300.00, Single cat adoption - $100, Bonded pair of cats - $150.00
  • Do you adopt outside of the province?
    Yes! As long as you are in an area that we can have a home check done (we have associates that can help us with this all across the country) and as long as you are prepared to travel up to twice to meet and pick up the animal. We do our very best to make sure you only have to travel once, but please be aware that travelling once is not a guarantee. Your resident dog(s) need to be able to travel to meet as well.
  • Do you deliver animals?
    No, it is the adopters responsibility to pick up and come meet their new family member in person.
  • I am adopting an animal with an ongoing medical issue (diabetes etc.), will ARTS pay for their care going forward?"
    No, medical care after adoption is the adopters responsibility unless agreed upon in writing from a member of the board of directors of ARTS/ARTS Senior Animal Rescue. We are very up front with any ongoing medical issues during the adoption process.
  • Do ARTS Animals get spayed/neutered and vaccinated?
    Yes! Seniors are typically already spayed and neutered when they come to us, but if they are not then we do make sure it is done while they are with us. In the rare situation where it cannot be done (ex. When a senior cannot tolerate anesthetic, bleeding risks, etc.) this will be discussed up front with you and noted on your adoption paperwork. To prevent over vaccination risks, we will not vaccinate a senior if we do have vaccination history in their adult life. If we do not have history of vaccinations, we will vaccinate in our care.
  • I do not have a fenced back yard/live in an apartment/have kids/work a regular day job – am I disqualified?
    No! these things do not automatically disqualify you, but you may not be the right fit for everyone of our animals. We do have some animals that require someone to be home all the time, no kids, fenced back yard or un-attached housing – but it will be disclosed in the profile and during your interview. A fenced back yard is always awesome, but if you do not have one and are willing to be committed to keeping your animal accompanied and on a lead, that will often work for most of our animals. We will discuss it with you if that will not work.
  • Would you like to keep in touch or receive updates?
    YES YES YES!!! We have an alumni group on Facebook and we love to see photos posted and we use it to plan alumni events. We love receiving updates by email, Instagram or twitter as well. If you are creating an Instagram account for your new family member, please let us know as we would love to follow you! Please remember that a volunteer may not be with the organization forever, so it is important to stay in touch with the group in these ways vs. just with your foster family or coordinator.
  • My question hasn't been answered - how can I contact you?
    If your question hasn't been answered, please feel free to reach out to the adoptions team at
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