COVID-19: For the safety of our animals, the public, and our volunteers, all of our upcoming events have been cancelled. We continue to monitor the situation and will keep you updated of any changes to our schedule. We are still rescuing and adopting animals, and have put procedure in place to ensure a safe experience for everyone involved. Please contact us if you have any questions about our current processes.



ARTS Senior Animal Rescue is a 100% volunteer run organization dedicated to the rescue, rehabilitation, and rehousing of senior cats and dogs. Seniors come to us from a variety of backgrounds such as overcrowded shelters, pounds, strays, vet referrals, and voluntary surrenders. As a shelter-free organization, all of our rescues are placed in carefully vetted foster homes until an equally vetted forever home is found. We are funded entirely by donations with the vast majority of the money going directly towards the medical and dental bills of the animals in our guardianship.