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Age:  15 Years Old

Breed: Orange Tabby DSH

Gender: Female

Dogs: Maybe

Cats: No

Kids: No

Location: Edmonton

Medical: Early signs of kidney disease, eats Rx food.

ADOPTION STATUS: Pending Adoption

Tinkerbell's Story

Hello! My name is Tinkerbell (but you can call me Tink or Tinkie-winkie). I am a sweet and relatively healthy old girl, but I am shy, so expect me to take a few days to warm up to you and several weeks to really relax into the house. I came to ARTS after my human passed away, so now i'm looking for my new forever. 

I eat mostly dry kibble and I have great at self control. You can leave me a dish full of food and I'll only eat what I need!  I'm physically in great shape and I still like to jump and climb. I can be found on beds and the top of cat trees all the time. I am also perfectly plant safe, I won't eat, dig into, or knock over your pots- but of course there are no guarantees! 


I love sleeping in bed with you. Specifically, I like sleeping on your belly, so I kindly request that you sleep on your back (or I perhaps we can compromise). I love chin scratches before bed and i'm an AVID reader, if by reading you mean getting pets while the human turns the pages. I like a quiet life and I don't really like dogs, but I could tolerate them as long as there is room in the house for both of us to have our space. I really, really don't like other cats, so none of those in my new home please.


 I'm also not a fan of loud noises - thumping boots or yells on the television will send me scurrying into a hiding spot. So, probably a home without any children or even teenagers would be my preference.


I do like to have the option to explore the house - if you restrict me to a single room, I'll eye up that door and want to escape. If you leave the door open, I'll likely stay in that one room most of the time. What can I say? I'm a cat! 

I'm great with my litter box, and the only accidents I've had were when I had a bad bladder infection. Although some of those accidents weren't accidents - if I'm stressed and upset (for example, three needle pricks, being locked in a room, ear drops twice a day, and three trips to the vet in the span of two days), I will let you know by pooping beside the litter box. When I'm happy and relaxed, though, I'm a very easy cat to live with. I'm also an excellent and supportive co-worker. I enjoy typing emails and proofreading over your shoulder. Just here to help!

Am I the little bit of magic you have been missing in your life? If so please apply here.

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