Age: 8 years old

Breed: Corgi/Pug/Beagle/? Mix

Gender: Male

Dogs: Yes

Cats: unknown

Kids: Yes!

Location: Edmonton

Medical: Sven has a heart murmer and requires twice daily pills for the rest of his life. 

ADOPTION STATUS: No Longer Accepting Applications

Sven's Story


Hello World! For those of you who don’t know, my name is Sven. Think goofy reindeer that is highly animated- yep, that’s me! I’m a super happy go lucky guy.


 I love all people, and I hope they love me too. I’m quite good at standing on my back legs for a while. I do this so you’ll pay attention to me! I am really cuddly but that’s not all, I’m also really playful. I LOVE to play ball with my foster brother. He’s a shepherd , but I keep up just fine! I’m a bit of a hog when it comes to chews and bones, so foster mom doesn’t allow me to have them around the other dogs, it’s the only time I get a bit bossy. I will grab them right out of other dogs' mouths, and I don’t care how much bigger they are.


 I am house trained and great on a leash. In fact, I would really love to find a home that will continue to give me my daily morning walks, because it's my favourite part of the day. I love to show you all the things that I consider “mine” around the neighborhood, and then I’ll spend a minute kicking up grass while I grunt and snort. All the humans I live with seem to think this is quite comical.


I’m really good loose in the house, and I enjoy looking out the window to keep guard. However, when you’re gone, if you need to lock me up, a secure crate is best. I have mastered how to shake a puppy pen hard enough that it unlatches, and alas, freedom! I also don’t enjoy being secluded in a bedroom and may redecorate a bit for you. In a crate I will make some noise for a bit before I settle, it's just okay, but I’d really love a home that doesn’t mind me having the run of the house.


I’m wonderful with kids, I live with 4 right now, and couch cuddles are the best! I love pillows and will sleep like my humans with my head nicely rested on them. I’d really love a home that has another dog to play with, or some kids. So far I’m great with dogs I meet on walks, and the chihuahua and shepherd I live with now. I’m not a fan of this little pony they call the “mastiff” in the house , he’s too big and excited to meet me, his size makes me nervous when he comes barreling at me to say hello. If he was less excited , foster mom thinks I’d be ok with him.


Foster mom says I have something called a murmur, but I don’t let that slow me down at play time. Please make sure I get my medicine twice a day though; I promise I’ll take my pills with ease. oh, and one last thing. I can be an escape artist and once I'm out I love to run! You will need to be mindful of me when the doors are open. 


If you’d like to meet me, please fill out an application here. I promise to give you lots of kisses and cuddles!

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