Age: 12-13 years old

Breed: Black and White DLH

Gender: Female

Dogs: Untested (but likely okay)

Cats: Yes

Kids: Yes

Location: Edmonton

Medical: Overweight, she will need to be put on a diet

Sugar's Story

Sugar is as sweet as her name. She is a kind and gentle cat, or as her foster describes her; a totally proper lady in a fur coat. She is extremely polite when asking for food or treats. She has never hissed or growled at anyone, which is more than we can say for the resident cats when they met her! Sugar has never met a dog, but because of her lovely disposition we suspect that she will be just fine. She has previously lived with cats and kids.

Sugar enjoys a household routine and learned hers very fast. She loves cuddling up with her humans on the couch but isn't clingy. When not watching TV with you she will happily watch "cat TV" through the window. She is strictly an indoor cat but that won't stop her from keeping a sharp eye on the birdies outside. 

Sugar currently has a lion cut because she came to us quite matted, but she really enjoys grooming and will need to be brushed regularly to keep her coat shiny and healthy.

Ready to invite this lovely lady in to your home? please fill out an application today!

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