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Age: Est. 12-13 Years Old

Breed: Grey DSH

Gender: Male

Dogs: No

Cats: No

Kids: No

Location: Edmonton

Medical: Healthy

ADOPTION STATUS: Pending Adoption

Smokey's Story

Smokey is a cat with a heart of gold who lost his person late last year. He's lived a solitary life away from other pets and was the apple of his person's eye. It's very important to him that he stays a bachelor, no other animals or kids please! Smokey enjoys having access to a scratching post and keeping his laser chasing skills sharp into retirement.


Laser chasing aside, Smokey has kept his playfulness throughout his life and is often a victim of the zoomies. When not playing he is on the couch snoring away or doing his best to wrap himself around your neck like a very soft grey boa. He's the sociable cuddy sort and would be absolutely perfect as a loyal companion for a solo owner (although he isn't picky as long as they are adults). 


If you are looking for a sweet and funny new family member, Smokey is the cat for you. He is looking forward to settling with his forever person and watching the local wildlife out the window, sharing snacks, and listening to your woes. Ready for a new best friend? You can apply here to meet him.

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