Age:  12 Years Old

Breed: German Shepherd

Gender: Female

Dogs: Yes

Cats: Yes

Kids: 12+

Location: Edmonton

Medical: Takes daily gabapentin for arthritis. Silver also has an irregularity in one of her eyes and some age related kidney changes that will need to be monitored.

ADOPTION STATUS: Available for Adoption

Silver's Story


Hi! My name is Silver! This is a name that I’ve known all my life, my foster mom suspects I got it because of the beautiful dusting of silver hair across my shoulders. Everyone that meets me tells me how beautiful I am. Photos don’t do me justice. I am a lovely older lady. I value treats, loyalty and my bed – in that order. I came to ARTS after my family had to move and could no longer keep me.


I have been well loved and I am very loyal once I know that I am safe. I am a little scared and stand-offish at first, and for the first few days please be careful to not startle me. If you take the time to do things like read or sing to me, and give me treats and take me on walks without putting any pressure on me, I will bond to you quickly and you’ll be able to look forward to pointy nosed shepherd kisses, and long snoozes on the couch with me right beside you. It is important to me that I get to adjust to a new situation in my own time without expectations. I’m not a big cuddler but once I know you are my family I will happily run to you to nuzzle you and remind you how much I love you with every wag of my big long tail.


I like all people, but it is important that I meet new strangers in a structured way so that I know they are friends. Because I startle easily I would prefer that any kids that I live with be older (12+). My foster mom makes sure that new people have lots of treats to give me and she asks them not to pet me or interact with me until I’ve given the “okay” by coming up to see them first. 


I’m very smart! I know how to shake with my left and right paw, sit, lay down, stay, spin and speak on command. I walk very nicely on a leash right beside you.  I don’t react when we pass most other dogs, I just ignore them. But I do like to let you know when there is a strange person approaching. My foster mom is working with me to help me direct my focus to her when there is a stranger that I am not sure about. We’ve been practicing in pet stores and I’m doing really good. I was muzzle trained earlier in life so I do wear a muzzle to the vet because I am quite scared of them. Once I know you are my humans I am very trusting, you can handle my paws and clip my nails, clean my ears, give me baths and brush me for hours without any protest from me. 


I’m a skinny lady so my new family will need to be committed to helping me gain weight in a healthy way. If you ask me, that means treats all the time but mom says that’s not the right way…pffffft. Speaking of treats, I happen to think they are superior to dinner. Sometimes it takes some patience and creativity to get me to eat. If I had the option I would have what you are having instead even if it means taking what you are having right out of your hand (that MAY have happened once or twice…sorry foster fam).  I like to be near you all the time and I am very good in the car – you might even forget I am there! I am content if I can just sit with you while you do things, or join you on errands. If you are travellers or like to camp or hike I would love to come with you to see and do things. I do okay for a few hours on my own but try not to be gone too long. I have not been destructive when I am home alone, but I do howl a little bit. So detached housing would be best for me. Otherwise, I only bark when I have a reason to (someone comes to the door etc.).  


My mom says that I am “German shepherd through and through” so please make sure to do research on my breed. I am a beautiful lower energy senior, but don’t let that fool you – I still want to protect you and I still need lots of your time to keep my super smart brain working and stimulated.  I get along great with animals of all sizes with a proper introduction in a neutral area – right now I live with another shepherd, a little tiny toothless yorkie (who is the boss) and two kitties. The other shepherd doesn’t seem to like me very much and I have been very good at reading his body language and staying out of his space, which speaks to how smart and well socialized I am. I can share my space with no issues and I do not guard any resources at all.  


If you sound like the family for me, and I sound like the dog for you, please reach out to the humans at ARTS and  apply here. I can’t wait to meet you!