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SCRAPPY & COCO (Bonded Pair)

Age:  Est 10-12 years old

Breed: Chihuahua & Dachshund

Gender: Female & Male

Dogs: Yes

Cats: Yes

Kids: 12+

Location: Edmonton

Medical: Healthy

ADOPTION STATUS: No Longer Accepting Applications

Scrappy & Coco's Story

Scrappy (chihuahua female) and her bestie Coco (dachshund male) are a bonded pair of pups that are estimated to be between 10 and 12 years old. They have been in ARTS’ care since late 2022, but are just being placed for adoption now because their foster mom has been enjoying their company so much, she was not in a rush to see them go! 

Scrappy and Coco have been fostered in a home with two other senior dogs and two senior cats. After an initial adjustment period, they got along well with everyone except the territorial resident cat who, frankly, doesn’t like anyone. Scrappy and Coco were also briefly fostered in a home with a toddler before it was determined that they are a better fit for a home with older kids (12+) or without kids. Scrappy and Coco would be wonderful additions to a variety of homes, but can get a little jealous when other pets (especially dogs) are getting attention and will try to steal the spotlight back as soon as they can. 

Scrappy and Coco have been working on their crate training and will spend an entire night sleeping together in their crate, however, they MUCH prefer sleeping in bed with their human(s). They love burrowing under the sheets and sleeping under the covers, snug as bugs. 


For small dogs, Scrappy and Coco are usually very quiet, although doorbells and noises outside will sometimes put them in Big Bad Guard Dog mode until they are certain they have scared away any Bad Guys (aka Amazon delivery drivers). The pups also like to vocalize their appreciation and excitement when their people come home. The rest of the time, you won’t hear them bark much and they are responsive to commands to “stop” or “be quiet”. 

Coco is the single most affectionate dog his foster mom has ever met. He secretly wishes the veterinarian would surgically attach him to his human so they would never be apart. He loves to be picked up, held, carried and hugged. If you lay down on the couch, Coco will be snuggled up on your lap or chest within seconds. Gentle pets on the top of his tiny head are his favourite, and he’ll ask for more by booping your hand with his nose. According to Coco, he has never had a bad day - even the trip to the Vet where he lost most of his teeth was a good day for Coco and the clinic staff all commented on how sweet and good tempered he was. 

True to her Mexican heritage, Scrappy can be a little spicy at times. When she was fostered with a toddler, sudden pets or grabs from a little human were not appreciated. Even with bigger humans, Scrappy prefers to have a little warning if you are going to pet her or pick her up. She will let you know when she is not in the mood for cuddles by growling softly, which could progress to nipping if this is ignored. For this reason, it is best if she does not live with little kids who may not understand the signs that she wants some space. That said, 90% of the time, Scrappy wants to be close to her humans (and best buddy Coco) and snuggle up on your lap or in a nearby blanket. 

Scrappy and Coco have made a lot of progress with their house training and basic commands, but still need a patient owner who will continue to work with them. The good news is that they are both highly motivated by treats and will do what it takes to earn as many as possible. Coco has good recall and is  very responsive to his name indoors, but has very selective hearing when he gets outside! He should not be off leash anywhere without a fence without more training. 

Coco has done well with house training and pee pads, but occasionally mistakes bath mats and area rugs for pee pads (for which he is very sorry).


Coco loves treats, but watch your fingers, as sometimes his excitement gets the better of him. 

Scrappy is extremely consistent with using pee pads, but has only recently started going outside to do her business now that the weather is warmer. She prefers having a pee pad available whenever possible. 

Do Scrappy and Coco seem like the right pups for you? If so, please apply here to meet them today!

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