Age:  9 years old

Breed: Shep/Lab Mix

Gender: Male

Dogs: Large Female Dogs Only

Cats: No

Kids: 15+

Location: Bluffton, AB

Medical/Behavioral: Scamp requires daily pain medication for a bad hip. He will need some training for resource guarding. 

ADOPTION STATUS: Available for Adoption

Scamp's Story


Hi! My name is Scamp, but my foster family calls me Scamper. Nice to meet ya! I'm a large sized mixed breed dog. We don't really know what I'm made up of, but they think I am some kind of lab/shep mix, with maybe some husky thrown in. I like to talk in the silly way huskies do, so detached housing would be best unless your neighbors like to sing along with me. 


I've spent the last few years chained up outside because my family didn't want me anymore. It made me very sad and I was chilly outside. Now I get to enjoy the luxuries of a comfy house and delicious snacks- oh boy is it amazing! I haven't had a soft bed or people around me while eating in a while, so I'm a little worried that you might take my food or bed away. You will need to help me through some resource guarding issues, but I know the ARTS adoption team is happy to suggest trainers and talk it through with you.

I am a very active dog. You'd hardly guess I am a senior if it wasn't for my sore hip. I love my toys and I love to play tug of war and fetch with my humans. I really enjoy going for walks but sometimes you have to coax me out of the house because I'm feeling unsure about leaving my safe zone. Once I'm outside I'm a happy boy though! When I'm at home I sometimes play with my large female doggy friends. Male dogs and small dogs can stay away, I am not interested in meeting them. The same goes for cats- no thank you! The people at ARTS want to set me up for success, so please understand that I'm not flexible on these things.

I am learning to trust people but it will take some time before I'm willing to let you do things to me, like give me medicine or trim my nails. The vet is also scary to me. You may want to talk to your vet about giving me a mild sedative before our first trip. Despite my insecurities I'm one of the goofiest and happiest pups you will ever meet. I'm not letting my past bring me down!


I'm so excited to meet my forever family- hopefully it is you. To meet me, please apply here and the wonderful people at ARTS will give you a call. 

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