Age:  11 years old

Breed: Border Collie X

Gender: Male

Dogs: Yes, with some management

Cats: Unknown

Kids: No

Location: Calgary

Medical: Thyroid medication which he takes 2x a day. He will need blood work done regularly at the vet to confirm that his meds are working. He also takes a daily probiotic to help with digestion. 

ADOPTION STATUS: Available for Adoption

Samson's Story


Hi! My name is Samson. My foster family says I’m on something called a weight loss diet which is going to help my mobility and make me feel better. I will need my new family to help me continue my weight loss journey. I LOVE food, so I really need help from my humans to stay on track.


My foster family makes me use this thing called a “slow feeder” because I sometimes eat SO fast that I throw it up, it’s kind of embarrassing. The slow feeder is hard work but I think I’m getting the hang of it. Before breakfast and dinner I even get a small piece of cheese with a special pill in it. I must be a good boy. 

I might be eleven years old, but my ears are working better than ever. My favourite thing to do during the day is stare out the window and protect my house from other dogs, people, bikers and even sometimes cars. I also take a lot of naps during the day because protecting the house all day is hard work. Because of my excellent guard dog skills, the ARTS team thinks I would do well in a house, as my barking might bother all the neighbours in an apartment building. 

I get nervous around new people, especially if there are a lot of new people coming into my house. Men are really scary for me, but with time and help from my trusted humans I can feel okay around them. When people talk really loud or shout I can get really really scared and I’ll start crying or barking. I feel like I have to protect my humans and I get a bit protective over them. A quieter house with a routine would be really comforting for me. Extra points if there is a backyard or space to suntan and play fetch.

Kids are not my favourite, especially if they are loud or ride these scary things called bikes and scooters. When I go for walks I try and chase anyone on bikes, but kids on bikes is when I move the fastest. I haven’t been able to catch one yet, but maybe one day. I usually go for a few small walks a day then go back to guarding my house. 

Other dogs are okay with me, but dogs with a lot of energy are a bit too much for me at my old age. I have weak legs and can be knocked down easily, so I like older dogs. I have a 9 year old foster brother, and we live together really well! I can be a bit possessive over my special bones and food, so I always make sure my foster mom is supervising me and my foster brother during eating times.

I really like walks, but I can’t go far. I have a paw that was broken when I was younger and it didn’t heal correctly. It doesn’t hurt me anymore, but it makes it hard to walk for long periods of time. I like lots of short walks with lots of time to sniff all the different smells. I also enjoy car rides.

I go to bed quite early. I drink a lot of water so I often need to get up to go to the bathroom during the night. I’m really good at barking or whining to wake up my foster parents to let them know I need to go outside. I’ve had a few accidents in my foster families house, but they don't happen very often. 


Phew, now you know all about me! Still interested? please apply here 


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