AGE: 11 years old

BREED: Tuxedo






MEDICAL: Diabetic, but in remission. Doesn't currently require insulin. In the future, he may require pain medication to manage an old injury.

LOCATION: Edmonton

ADOPTION STATUS: No Longer Accepting Applications

Good day! Tis I, Rico, the distinguished gentleman cat who is here to steal your heart. You will note that I am dressed for the classiest of occasions in a perfectly tailored suit of plush black fur, which is soft to the touch and has just the correct amount of the most purrrfect white accents. My outfit is complimented by 4 white boots and lovely long white whiskers. I was raised to have aristocratic manners and I am well behaved in the house. Counter surfing is just too undignified for me. Despite my party attire I am actually an easy going and low key feline. After all, why fuss when I have servants…ahem, humans… to pet me and wait on me? 


I like to sleep in a bit in the mornings and then enjoy a most scrumptious meal of fishy Friskies pate with a bit of warm water to bring it to the correct temperature. I will then brush my suit & boots so that they have a glorious sheen before finding a soft spot, likely the couch, to relax for the day. If one of the humans joins me I am likely to snuggle in close to them, or I may even honor them by sitting on their knee. Occasionally, if my day hasn’t been too exhausting, I like to to climb to the top of my tower (that I undoubtedly deserve) before dinner and survey my kingdom from above. Then, after another fine dining experience, I shall join you back on the couch for some TV watching before retiring for the night. I generally sleep in the living room, but If you are very lucky I may even join you in your in your sleeping chambers. 


When I first arrived at ARTS I had a nasty limp and I could not put pressure on one of my legs. The doctor took pictures of me (who wouldn’t, I’m incredibly handsome) and said that I had an old injury to my back that was causing me pain. I must have received the injury while rescuing a maiden in distress, but I can’t seem to recall exactly what happened. The doctor gave me some pain medication and said that I may need it again in the future, but right now I’m doing well without it. I am also diabetic but currently in remission, which means that my diabetes is being managed by monitoring my weight and food, not by insulin injections. It is possible that in the future, especially during times of stress, I may need insulin again.  


I require a castle where the humans will give me the respect and adoration that a fine gentleman such as myself deserves. They need to watch me for signs of pain and give me my medicine as needed. I would prefer no dogs as I think they are ghastly creatures, but a well behaved cat might be okay. Children who respect my boundaries are also okay.


If you have the appropriate staff and quarters for a man such as myself, please start by filling out an online application so I can make sure my servants at ARTS give you their undivided attention while perusing your application.