Age:  10 years old

Breed: Shepherd X

Gender: Male

Dogs: Yes

Cats: Untested (likely okay)

Kids: 15+

Location: Edmonton

Medical: Rex needs daily gabapentin and supplements for arthritis and medication for “collie nose”. Rex will require ongoing treatment for his nose condition as its response to medication has not been completely consistent. Please know that Rex’s new family may have more frequent than normal vet visits because of this. Rex needs UV protection on his nose whenever he goes outside.

ADOPTION STATUS: Available for Adoption

Rex's Story


Hi, I’m Rex! My foster parents say I’m a goofy gentle giant ready to find my forever home! I’m a great companion to humans and dogs, but I also do really well on my own- I love to just hang out.


 Being a big dog I come with a big appetite, but I can also be a picky eater. It’s important to switch up my food keep my meals interesting. I will never say no to a treat though! Being an old dog, I have some medication to take every day. My foster parents found out my weakness to help with pills, and that is peanut butter, YUM. I don’t even notice my daily medication because I’m too busy enjoying the tasty peanut butter.


I’m still learning how to play, so please be patient with me when we are playing fetch or tug! I really do want to play with you but it just takes me a bit longer to get used to the game. Toys are new to me, so I might not know what to do right away but I always try my best. So far, I think I like the soft squeaky toys the best.


I do get a little excited when we go on walks, but just let me know that I’m going too fast and I’ll try my best to slow down. Truthfully I don’t walk too fast so most of the time you might be waiting up for me instead of the other way around.


 I’m still getting used to slippery floors, and maybe that’s where my “goofy” kicks in! Hard surfaces are my favourite to lay on because they’re nice and cool, but sometimes I have trouble walking on them. Just give me an extra moment to catch up though and I’ll be just fine.


When a stranger is near, I do a great job of alerting you. My deep bark is a great alarm and I like to let you know when someone is walking by our house, just so you’re not surprised!

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