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Age: 9 Years Old

Breed: Tabby Dilute Calico DSH

Gender: Female

Dogs: Small dogs only

Cats: No

Kids: Respectful children

Location: Edmonton

Medical: Eats urinary food to control bladder stones, healthy. 

ADOPTION STATUS: Pending Adoption

Pixie's Story

Hi!! I'm Pixie dust. I'm a 9 year old spayed female beauty. I have been deeply loved my whole life by the same family but as I have gotten older I have decided that I really do not like other animals, and unfortunately my home has a lot of animals in it, so now I'm looking for some new digs. 

I'm a bit of a nervous sort but I am very sweet once I get to know you. I would like a calm household, so that means no screaming kids, other cats, or big dogs. I know this means that I might be harder to find a home for but I'm pretty sure that you, yes YOU, are who I am looking for. 

Have you ever met a cat loaf? Those cute little cats that tuck their legs under them while sleeping? Well you see I'm kind of the opposite, I like to sleep belly up and splayed out. What can I say? Sometimes a girl gets too hot when she's all curled up. 

I am still young at heart and I enjoy playing games with you. Sometimes I climb the door frame when I'm feeling silly too. Don't worry, I don't use my claws, but I like sliding down it like a fireman pole. Perhaps a second career choice? My purr is loud enough it could also double as a fireman's siren. 


Do you like being cozy? I love warm blankets and I will suck on them like I am a kitten, or knead them to make some good dough. I would be happy to share my blanket with you, but first you have to apply here!

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