Age:  11 years old

Breed: Maltipoo

Gender: Male

Dogs: Yes

Cats: Yes

Kids: 10+

Location: Calgary

Medical: Slightly hard of hearing.

Piper's Story

Piper is a lovely little boy. He is a good mixture of everything. He is so full of energy when you come home and jumping all over the place but quickly settles down for some cuddles. He loves to be pet and will remind you with his paw if you stop! He loves going on walks and is good in the car. He seems to be well trained and will whine or ring a bell when he needs to pee - although sometimes he just rings the bell and then stands outside and stares off into space!


He’s not much of a toys dog but on occasion will roll a tennis ball around to himself and play fetch a few times. Piper tries to play with his foster brother (also adopted through ARTS!) but Sam is solely interested in his mom or his toys, so he barely acknowledges Piper. I’ve had Piper around my brother’s 2 year old cat several times, and it’s been no problem because Piper is such a calm dog and doesn’t take much interest in the cat. 


Piper is a bit deaf so he does startle easy, especially if he’s in a deep sleep. So there’s been a couple times where he gets startled by touch and wakes up defensive until he realizes what’s going on. With that being said, I don’t recommend for him to be around little kids. He may have a touch of sedation anxiety, as he does best when he’s around someone as often as possible. He doesn’t love being left alone and will scratch at the door after you leave but otherwise there is absolutely no destruction or bathroom accidents. 


On walks, if he sees dogs, he will bark until you’ve passed them or he meets them. I’ve found he will start to get tired and walk behind me around that 4 KM mark - up until then, he keeps pace pretty well. He gets cold in lower temps, so we’ve needed to dress him for some walks to stay warm.


Piper is so excited to find his forever family! If that's you, please fill out an online application so we can get in touch!

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