Age: 13-15 years old


Gender: Male

Dogs: untested (likely good, please see profile)

Cats: untested (likely good, please see profile)

Kids: Yes

Location: Edmonton

Location: Oreo is healthy but he does have some mild arthritis in his shoulder that may get worse over time. He also needs some weight management. 

Oreo's Story

Just like my name I am a sweet boy who is definitely a treat to have around the house. When I first arrived at my foster home I hid under the bed for a few days. This is pretty normal for cats, so please be patient with me while I adjust. After a few weeks I felt safer and make myself totally at home.

My foster family has tried to spoil me with toys and cat trees but to be honest I'm not that interested in them. I much prefer spending the day in bed with you. As my foster mom said, "if he had it his way, I would stay in bed ALL day with him and pet him bald." I'm an early riser so if that will annoy you I may not be the right cat for your household. That said, I usually go back to bed with whatever human is still sleeping after you've fed me breakfast. 

When I'm not getting my beauty sleep I like to explore outside on a leash. I am a very clever cat and I learned how to manage the leash and harness very quickly. I like to go outside every day, but I do understand that you are busy and might not be able to take me. In the winter I just like a few minutes of fresh air, but in the summer I will stay outside to adventure with you for as long as you'd like! I might also enjoy a good catio if you have one. 

I'm a tidy gentleman and I've never had an accident outside of my litter box, even when I first arrived. the ARTS crew have not tested me with other animals and my last home didn't have any, but when I was surrendered they told my foster family that I grew up with cats and dogs. I would sometimes hiss at new cats but settled down with them fairly quickly. Because of this the ARTS adoption team feels comfortable adopting me out to a home with other animals, but they are happy to talk to you more about how to introduce me to new pets.

My only wish is for a warm and loving home to retire in. could that be you? If so, please fill out an application so we can meet. 

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