Age: 17-18 year old male

Breed: DSH Tabby

Dogs: Unknown

Cats: Yes

Kids: Older children 

Location: Edmonton

Medical: On medication for kidney disease.

Newman's Story

Meet Newman! He’s a handsome grandpa cat and is looking for a retirement home to spend the rest of his days. He gets along with his cat foster sister and they have come to a mutual understanding of leaving each other in peace. He hasn’t been exposed to dogs in his foster home, but we suspect a respectful dog who doesn’t bother him would probably be fine. We can dog test if necessary for successful applicants. Newman does not have any children in his foster home, and given his advanced age a quieter calmer home would be best, but he may be okay with older children who will respect his space.


Newman is a sweet and mellow cat who appreciates human attention. He is currently being treated for kidney disease. It is fairly early days on the medication, but we are hopeful that it will help stabilize his weight and help with his energy. At only 8.6 lbs he is a small boy to begin with, and he is currently underweight.


Newman’s favourite activity is napping. His foster family has some stairs for him to get up on the bed; he’ll come up to let them know when he is ready for a snack and cuddles, or when he just wants a cozy spot to sleep. When he’s not resting with his foster family he loves to watch the birds and squirrels, or take a tour around the home with his foster sister.


Newman is mostly deaf and the vet says his sight is compromised from old age, nothing unusual for a senior pet. With that said, his smeller is in tip top shape and he can smell a greenie from a deep sleep and awaken with great excitement for a treat. Except for two fangs Newman is mostly toothless and he was de-clawed too, so he would appreciate mostly wet food. 


That’s Newman in a nutshell! If he sounds like the boy for you please contact the ARTS adoption team today.

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