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Age:  12 and 14 years old

Breed: Black and White DSH

Gender: Females

Dogs: Yes

Cats: Yes

Kids: Older children, if calm and respectful

Location: Calgary

Medical: Masie has Kidney Disease and requires oral steroids. 

ADOPTION STATUS: Available for Adoption

Masie & Squeaky' Story


Maisie (14) and Squeaky (12) are two wonderfully charming sisters who arrived at our home frightened of a new space and, in Maisie’s case, not in the best health. Maisie was well loved but she lost her beloved owner and her health declined. With medication and proper nutrition she’s made an excellent recovery and is ready, along with her sister, for her second family. 


It took some time for them to find their paws, so to speak, but once they did their personalities emerged. Squeaky has no regard for personal space. She wants all the pets all the time. She’s a jumper so clear off the top of your bookshelves please! There’s lots to tell you about what’s happening in Squeaky’s world so be prepared to listen.


Cat trees are an absolute must for these girls but Maisie will climb like a lady, thank you very much. Sweet little Maisie loves attention as much as her sister but is calmly insistent in her requests. She loves eating her breakfast in front of a window, watching the birds and catching the sun. Her sister has learned to enjoy this as well. A good scratch pad has become a necessity for both girls.


While neither would object if they went to a home where it was just the two of them to be loved and adored, they do get along nicely with other cats and respectful dogs. Children are probably not an option for them but older kids would be fine.


These girls are a great delight. They could bring so much love to your home and family. If you are ready to meet them, please apply here .

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