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Age:  13 years old

Breed: Black and White DSH

Gender: Female

Dogs: Yes

Cats: Yes

Kids: Older children, if calm and respectful

Location: Calgary


ADOPTION STATUS: Available for Adoption

Squeaky' Story

Squeaky is a charming girl who first arrived with her sister Maisie. Masie and Squeaky were very frightened of being in a new home and Maisie arrived in poor health. Unfortunately Masie recently passed away and we are all heart broken over the loss, especially her sister Squeaky. Squeaky is desperately in need of a new start where she can learn to be herself without her sister and find a final family who can fill the hole in her heart. 


Squeaky is the type of cat that has no regard for personal space. She wants all the pets all the time. She’s a jumper so clear off the top of your bookshelves please! Squeaky thinks it is very important to keep you informed about the going ons in her world, so do be prepared to listen to her musings. 


Cat trees are an absolute must for this girl. A good scratch pad is also a necessity for her so that she can keep her nails done without touching your furniture. 


Squeaky loves eating her breakfast in front of a window, watching the birds and catching the sun. She would be okay as an only cat where she can be loved and adored, but she does get along nicely with other cats and respectful dogs. Young children are probably not a great idea for her but older children would be just fine. 


Squeaky is a great delight. She could bring so much love to your home and family. If you are ready to meet her please apply here .

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