Age: 11 Years old

Breed: Black and White DSH

Gender: Male & Female

Dogs: Unknown

Cats: Yes

Kids: Older kids only

Location: Edmonton

Medical: Louis has hyperthyroidism which requires a daily pill.

Louie and Maggie's Story


Hello! My name is Louie and this is my sister Maggie. We originally came to ARTS because our family couldn't find a home for us where we could stay together. Originally there was three of us so that made it extra hard, but unfortunately my sister Princess recently passed away. 

Maggie and I are really close. So much that you’ll swear you only adopted one cat; we are always in the same spot. We are the quiet sort and are looking for a relaxed retirement home where we can be together and admired by our gentle human companions. Other cat and dog companions might be nice too if they are calm like us. We haven't met any dogs yet, but the team at ARTS is happy to discuss us with you and give you some pointers on how we might meet a dog friend. 


I'm your typical laid back big boy. You can recognize me because of my handsome half white moustache. I swear I didn't lose the other half of my moustache in a shaving accident, it just grows this way! I can be wary of strangers but once I get to know you I will come to you for some pets and love. I like to sit on top of the cat tree and watch out for my sister. Maggie is more timid than me and she will need an adopter who is patient with her and who will let her come out of her shell on her own time. No rushed introductions for my sister please. Once she's comfortable she has a quiet calm about her.


The adoption team affectionately refers to us as the cow-coloured kitties because of our lovely markings. We also have extra soft fur and a nice warm purr. We know that not everyone is able to welcome 2 new cats in to their home at once, but really, what’s a few extra loving faces? Besides, there’s a saying about cats (and potato chips); you can’t have just one!

If you think you could give these beautiful siblings a home, please fill out an application today!

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