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Age:  7 and 9 years old

Breed: Long haired Chi/Yorkie

Gender: Male & Female

Dogs: No

Cats: No

Kids: No

Location: Edmonton

Medical: Healthy

ADOPTION STATUS: Available for Adoption

Motley & London's Story

Hi everyone, we are Motley (black 7 yr old chi) and London (brown and black 9 yr old yorkie). We are ready to find our forever home and want to tell you about us.  One of the most important things to know is that we are dog selective, so we are looking for a home just for us, preferably with no other pets, or with a really easy going small dog. Big dogs scare us quite a bit. We are kind of jealous of others getting attention, so would do best as the only pets. There are other dogs in our foster home, and sometimes we don't get along very well.

London here - I just wanted to tell you that I love, love, love squeaky toys. I carry them around and throw them up in the air. I will teach you how to play fetch - my rules. I throw the toy, and you fetch it. Motley doesn't really play with toys yet, but may take to it eventually. He likes to check out my toys. 

We have pretty much no teeth between us (Motley has none, and London has 4 in the very back of her mouth). Because of this, we eat soft food. Neither one of us knows we are teeny tiny. We have big personalities. We are both affectionate (Motley loves to give kisses on the hand, but is not too keen on being picked up and snuggled yet, but London loves to cuddle up and give kisses).

Another important detail is that we were kept indoors all the time in our old home, so we are getting used to doing our business outside, but are still learning (London uses pee pads well, but Motley likes to mark, so a small/x-small belly band would be a good idea until they learn. As they are both tiny, they cannot hold their business for a long time.

We are looking for someone who is home a lot of the time and can adore us like we are used to. Our previous owner definitely loved us. We could likely use some socialization training to help us get over our jealousy/insecurity around other dogs. We also seem to prefer women over men (especially Motley), so please keep that in mind if there is a man in the home. It may take us longer to bond with him.

We are both very healthy puppers and are looking forward to many years with our new human(s). Could that be you? If so, please send in an application and the team at ARTS will be in touch to see if we are a match.

You can apply here.

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