Age:  13 Years Old

Breed: Grey DMH

Gender: Female

Dogs: No

Cats: No

Kids: No

Location: Calgary

Medical: Healthy

ADOPTION STATUS: No Longer Accepting Applications

Lexie's Story

Hi! My name is Lexie and the lovely folks at ARTS were able to open up a spot for me when my owner suddenly passed away. It was just me and my mum for my entire life, so it takes me time to gain confidence. Please be patient with me while I warm up and adjust to new people and places, this is all very new.


I'm not ready to jump in to a household that was wildly different from my old one, so I'd really like a home that has no other animals and a calm human or two that will be able to love me. 

I enjoy having a bit of wet food each morning although I do eat dry kibble. I only have 4 teeth now, so softer food is definitely appreciated. And just think, I get to skip going to the dentist from now on!

Let’s talk toys. Ball with bells are ok but the cat nip toys are where it’s at - I love them. I do not scratch furniture and will use a carpet covered tree to scratch, but my favourite thing to keep my claws manicured is a cardboard scratcher easily found at the dollar store. I keep my beautiful silky grey hair well-groomed and don’t mind a little help from you with a soft brush. I am very clean when it comes to my food, litter box and grooming habits.

So far in my foster home my 2 favourite places to sleep are next to the heat register and in my little hut. Now that the sun is starting to come out a bit more I am starting to enjoy tanning the warmth of a sunbeam for my afternoon naps.

When I decide I trust you, my favourite place to be scratched is under my chin and behind my ears and then you will hear my big purrrr and I will roll over and show you my belly.


I think I have covered most of the details about me and my hopes for a new family, but if you have any other questions please reach out to the team at ARTS! And if you are ready to meet me, you can apply here.