Age:12-13 years old

Breed: Grey Tabby DSH

Gender: Female

Dogs: Unknown

Cats: Unknown

Kids: No thank you!

Location: Calgary

Medical: Kit has a food allergy and is currently eating prescription food.

ADOPTION STATUS: Available for Adoption

From Kit's Foster


Kit (KitKat), is the sweetest little animal that I have ever had the pleasure of sharing a piece of my life with.  When I first started to foster her we thought she was 18 years old, but once we got to know each other I just knew she that she wasn’t that old. I just knew she was younger than 18 because of her joy of playtime and “zoomies”. The vet confirmed that she’s between 12 and 13 years.  

She’s litter trained and prefers eating dry food, but she won’t say no to a little wet food now and then.  She does like a little bit of tuna as an ocassional treat, but she seems to like the juice more than the meat.  She’s very affectionate once she gets to know you and enjoys your company. Kit can be a little skittish if someone new comes in, but soon she comes out and says hi.  She is great company and is such a good kitty.  She tends to like to play more at night then through the day, and can be vocal about it, but soon settles down.


Kit is used to living as the only cat with just one person for company. In an ideal world we would find her a similar home, but we won't rule out a family with other animals given careful introductions. Our adoption team is happy to discuss the details of how that might work with potential adopters.

For some reason Kit has bald spots on her tummy and some thinning at the base of her tail. The Vet believes that this may be a food allergy, or from the stress of being moved away from her family (who loved her very much). She is currently on Rx food to see if that makes a difference.


She has been chipped, had all her vaccines, and her claws have been kept trimmed.  She does not scratch furniture as she has her own scratching post that she likes to use.  Her fur is the softest I’ve ever felt too, and she enjoys being brushed as much as you will brush her.  

I know she’s going to make someone very happy. Please apply here if you think you can give Kit a great new home. 

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