Age:  9 Years Old

Breed: Blue Heeler (Australian Cattle Dog)

Gender: Male & Female

Dogs: Yes

Cats: unknown

Kids: Older children, if calm and respectful

Location: Edmonton

Medical: Tara has cataracts and needs soft food only due to parrot mouth. She is arthritic but not on medication. Kevin is on medication for arthritis and eats prescription metabolic food. 

ADOPTION STATUS: Available for Adoption

Kevin & Tara's Story

Hello! My name is Tara, and my brother's name is Kevin. We came to ARTS from a home that loved us dearly, but we tragically lost our owner and no longer had someone who could love us like he did. Our foster family took us in and are able to give us a home temporarily with lots of love and attention, but we will be so happy to find a more permanent home.

My brother Kevin, or as my fosters call him, Big Kev, has put on a few covid pounds and he is currently trying to get back to his old self again. He is on a metabolic diet to help manage his weight and will need an adopter who is committed to his weight loss program. He also has some issues with his back leg due to an old injury. He is getting medication for his mobility, but it doesn’t seem to slow him down from running when the treats come out or to greet you at the door.


Kev steals the hearts of everyone who meets him, and he has quite the award winning smile. He is also famous for his guilty look. The poor guy can’t get away with anything because you'll instantly know when he's been naughty. For the most part Kevin is a total couch potato, which luckily for me, means that I don’t have to share my toys as often.


My brother and I are complete opposites. I am slightly underweight and my fosters are working on helping me gain weight. I am very active and even though I can’t see that well, I never let it slow me down and I will play fetch for hours if you let me. I also like playing a game called the floor is lava, and I will avoid any hardwood by leaping from carpet to carpet.


I've won over the heart of my fosters and they absolutely adore me. They always compare me to a fawn, as my legs are a bit wobbly. I make it work though and it has never slowed me down. I have been through quite a bit in my years but I'm definitely a fighter. I had parvo as a pup, and I also have a genetic deformity called parrot mouth. This makes it harder for me to eat, but my fosters make it easier on me by only feeding me wet food.


My brother and I have been together all of our lives, and we have grown so much together. Through all of the ups and downs, Kevin has always been there for me and I for him. We would love to find a home that can take both of us, as we care very deeply for each other and can’t imagine being apart. Maybe a family that doesn’t mind a couch potato sitting at your feet, while you toss the ball for me.


Please apply here if you think you can provide us with a great home. I promise you won’t regret it!

Tara & Kevin
Tara & Kevin

Tara & Kevin
Tara & Kevin

Tara & Kevin
Tara & Kevin

Tara & Kevin
Tara & Kevin