Age:  8 years old

Breed: Chocolate Lab

Gender: Male

Dogs: Kajtek would prefer to be the only dog, but he could make a friend of equal size with an experienced owner. 

Cats: No

Kids: 15+

Location: Edmonton

Medical: Healthy

ADOPTION STATUS: No Longer Accepting Applications

Kajtek's Story

Easter is coming, but who needs chocolate bunnies when you could have an awesome chocolate Lab? That’s me, Kajtek (Ky-tech)! I have just turned a young 8, I have no medical issues, and I have beautiful teeth- no bad breath for this handsome pup.  Did I mention I am bilingual? My mom was Polish and that's my first language. Unfortunately she couldn't take me with her to assisted living, so now I'm here at ARTS learning English and looking for a new forever home. 

I have practiced a lot with my foster mom and I am super good at this sit thing. I am so smart- now I don’t even need to hear the word sit, I just do it when I know something good is coming. I am getting good at waiting to be told “OK” when my food dish is put down. I just get so excited when there is food or treats or toys or walks or car rides or a treat filled Kong. Really everything is so new and exciting. I get a bit impatient if you don’t move fast enough though.

I think I am starting to like this petting thing. At first I only liked a few pats on my head but now I think I like my back scratched a bit too. I love to go for walks and I am good on a leash. I will even wait at cross walks when told and I move along when told “come”. Sometimes I find things to eat but “she” makes me spit it out. Hey I’m a lab, food is food! Most of the time when walking I don’t care about the other barking dogs, I am busy smelling things. If they charge at their fence barking at me I will chat back before move along. 

I am working on taking treats gently but you might need to watch your fingers at first. We practice with sliced carrots; I love carrots and they are figure friendly. I also love car rides, so I hope whoever picks me will take me for drives. I look out the window for a couple blocks then lay down for a nap, you won't even notice that I've tagged along. 

I get excited to sleep on the bed and it takes me a couple minutes to calm down and go to sleep. It might be a good idea to give me my own bed beside yours if that would bother you. I do some barking when I am left alone but as long as the garbage can or food isn’t accessible I am a good boy until you return. No accidents and no messes. I get very excited when you come back so going outside with me right away helps calm me down. 

When I was surrendered they told my foster family that I had some behavioural issues, that I had problems with resource guarding and leash reactivity. My foster mom says that she hasn't really noticed any of those behaviours, but it could be because I'm currently living without other dogs. I do seem to like dogs though, so an experienced owner who has another big dog might work. I'd also like a home with no cats, small dogs, or kids. I am a very loving boy but I'm big and a little too excitable for kids and small creatures. 

I hope you can be patient with me when you take me home. I have been through a lot of change and it will take some time for me to learn how another family does things and how I fit in.

Please apply here if you are looking for an awesome carrot eating chocolate bunny (er, I mean lab) in your life. See you soon!