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Age:  12 years old

Breed: Cocker Spaniel X

Gender: Male

Dogs: Yes

Cats: Yes

Kids: If calm and respectful

Location: Edmonton

Medical: Gauge is healthy for his age but is a typical old man with some arthritis, weak bladder, and partially blind/deaf. 

ADOPTION STATUS: Available for Adoption

Gauge's Story


Hi there!! I'm Gauge. Do you like to snuggle? Do you have a warm spot for me in your bed? Do you like to go for walks? Then I am your man!! My foster mom says she has never met such an easy-going laid-back dog as me.


I am a very well behaved dog despite the fact that I pretty much can't hear at all. I have pretty good vision in one eye but the other eye they say is pretty much useless..... that's news to me as I seem to get around just fine. My dental has been completed and they took all my rotten teeth out. I feel so much better! But because of that I will need a soft food diet. My mom has kibble out for her puppy and I still like to nibble on that even though I have no teeth, so she makes sure to get the smallest kibble she can find.


I absolutely love going for walks. They're one of my favourite things in the world other than snuggling. I am a quite strong however and do pull a bit on my leash.


My foster mom has a cat and a little dog and I am very good with both of them. She also has a foster kitten and I love to give him a big tongue bath lol When they removed all my teeth they also removed a lipoma close to my armpit and I am healing well from that.


Another one of my favourite things is drinking water. I have no health conditions that cause me to drink lots of water, it just seems to be one of my quirks but because I love water so much, what goes in must come out and so I do have pee accidents quite often. My foster mom puts a diaper on me when she is not around to let me out regularly.


I really don't like crates. Mostly because there isn't enough water in a crate but I also love soft couches and snuggly beds. Other than my pee accidents I am not destructive at all. I sleep on the couch when my foster mom is not home. I am generally a very quiet dog. I do love my foster mom very very much and if she is not in the same room as me I will cry a little bit. So I would love to have an owner who is able to spend a lot of time with me.


My foster mom absolutely adores me and does not understand how I can be such a happy go lucky dog despite my world being turned upside down. But that's just my nature I guess and I love life! I would love to find my forever human to live out the rest of my life with. Please apply here if you think you can give me a great new home.

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