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Age:  5-6 Years Old

Breed: Brown Tabby DSH

Gender: Male

Dogs: Maybe

Cats: Yes

Kids: I prefer a quiet household

Location: Edmonton

Medical: Healthy

ADOPTION STATUS: Available for Adoption

Frosty's Story


Hello new best friend! My name is Frosty, so named because I've spent a lot of time out in the cold. You see I somehow ended up all alone in a rural community and nobody knew me or who I belonged to. A kind lady started feeding me and called ARTS for help. ARTS thought they were taking in an elderly stray kitty with frozen ears, but it turns out I'm not so elderly after all!

The pointy doctor said that I am around 5 or 6 years old. She also said that even though my ears look funny I have recovered from the frost bite and the rest of my fur is starting to regain it's shine. She said that I was anaemic on arrival to ARTS but regular meals and some TLC helped me regain my strength. Now I'm a healthy cat and ready to find my new people.  


I am a snuggly kitty but I've forgotten about humans, so I'm still a bit cautious. You see when you have to survive on the streets you have to watch out for everything. This means loud noises are still a bit scary for me, and new people take some time to get used to. A busy household with young kids would probably stress me out. As far as non- human friends, I currently live with another cat and we get along okay. I have never met a dog but a gentle one that doesn't chase me would probably be fine. 


The folks I'm living with now say that I have excellent house manners because I don’t scratch furniture and I use my litter box appropriately. I am also a good traveller and not a fussy eater. 


After some time in the cold I really feel like I deserve a warm cozy place to live, with some humans to call my own. If you have a sunbeam for me to rest in and a fairly quiet home, then I'm definitely the cat for you. We are going to do amazing things together, just you wait! But first you'll need to  apply here.

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