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Age: 15 Years old

Breed: Grey DSH

Gender: Female

Dogs: No

Cats: No

Kids: Maybe

Location: Edmonton

Medical: Emma has Kidney Disease and requires supplements and a perscription diet

Emma's Story

A friend that is equally cute and unexplainable, she is a dainty cat that turns into the creature of the night. Emma is affectionately known as the Gremlin. 

In normal mode, Emma would be classified as having a meek personality. She can be found sleeping soundlessly on a cushioned throne, or mindlessly watching out the magical window. Any brief eye contact is a signal for her to invade your personal space and demand affection using her signature Head Bonk. Emma will protest using her squeaky meow when being picked up, and she would prefer that you give her hugs instead.


You would never think that this plush-like cat can turn into another creature when night falls. When the lights are off and she has had her post-dinner nap, something within Emma emerges. All gone are the delicate meows barely audible, replaced by a gremlin-like call serenading into the void. Her sluggish movements observed throughout the day were a façade to the parkour acts that occur when no eyes are on her. Luckily, as far as monster-characteristics go, those are the ones observed from this mysterious “cat.” 

Emma does not have a ravenous appetite but does need to be kept on diet specific for kidney disease with additional supplements. We suspect that this diet it is how she can keep the creature contained within. 

The ideal home for this four-legged enigma is with gentle humans that do not have other pets. Emma’s multiple personas prefer to have all the attention and space to live peacefully. 

To the brave souls interested in Emma the Gremlin, we applaud you.

(Please note, this profile was written in jest. While we do lovingly call her the gremlin, Emma is a fantastic cat and is definitely no hardship to have around the house!)


please apply here to speak to our adoption team about Emma. 

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