Age: 15 years old

BreedBichon Shih Tzu



Cats: Good

Kids: Good

Location: Calgary



Addison's Disease which will require regular monitoring. More information can be found here.

Emma's Story

Do you remember me? I got to be on TV last month and boy, oh boy, was that a big welcome into the my new world! 

My name is Emma, and I am a sweet little girl that loves to cuddle and sleep in – util I hear breakfast being made of course! I also love sitting and looking out the window or sitting outside in the sun – I love the heat! Don’t get me started on snow, I am soooooo NOT a fan! I'm definitely a fan of playing chase though – I will run up to you, give a little bark, then turn and run like the wind, and when you play along and chase me wherever I go I'm the happiest dog in all the land! When I want to be picked up, I turn my back so you can easily scoop me up! I do need some help up and down the stairs, and onto the couch or bed but I'll reward you with… you guessed it... more cuddles! I'm house trained but I do have the occasional accident, so my foster mom put down some pee pads at night or when she goes to work just in case – I don’t often use them, but better safe than sorry! I have Addison's Disease, but it’s Type A so my electrolytes aren’t affected. This is easily managed with Prednisone, and I am great at taking the pill! I just gulp it down. My forever home will definitely need to get my bloodwork checked every 3-6 months just to make sure I am managing! 

I am very grateful for my foster family helping me get a new start in my second chance at life. If you choose me to be part of your family,  I promise to love you and make you laugh for all of our time together! If you apply today, the nice people at ARTS will get back to you as soon as they can.

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