Age:  10 years old

Breed: DSH 

Dogs: Yes

Cats: Can be picky with other cats - will be ok as long as they keep their distance

Kids: Yes

Location: Calgary

Medical: Domino is on a special urinary diet to prevent the recurrence of crystals in his urinary tract. He recently had surgery to have them removed.

Domino's Story

To quote an old movie: I suffer from a deplorable excess of personality!  It’s a good thing really; I am the total package.  If you’re looking for a velcro kitty with lots to say,  I’m your boy!  


I’m a young 10 year old with dashing grey spots on a lustrous white coat.  I’m told my cross eyes give me a rakish Jack Nicholson look.  I’m in great health for my age, though a lifetime of refusing water has me on a crystal prevention diet & the staff give me warm water with my canned stew to keep me properly hydrated.  


My foster mama calls me a clinger, but I can't really blame her: I love people, I live for attention, and am the life of a party!  I enjoy people climbing, shoulder surfing, guest cameos on video calls, and watching Netflix from my favourite lap.  I’m known for my assertive head butts, but I think of it more as being an excellent conversationalist with a lot to say on many topics.  I’m not much of a jumper so I don’t counter surf and you'll be happy to hear that I have impeccable litter box habits  


If we're being completely honest here, I prefer people to cats and I'm indifferent to dogs. My current housemates include dogs and cats, but I can be choosy about which cats I associate with and I prefer feline friends that keep their distance.


If you'd love to hear more about my sparkling personality, please apply for me today and I'll have my people review your info to see if we're a good match!

Love Domino xoxo

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