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Age:  Est. 10 years old

Breed: Schnauzer X

Gender: Male

Dogs: No

Cats: Maybe

Kids: 15+

Location: Calgary

Medical: Separation anxiety and fear based behavior. Please read profile.  

ADOPTION STATUS: Available for Adoption

Domino's Story


Hello everyone my name is Dom! I would describe myself as an introvert. I prefer the company of small groups (mainly just my human) to larger crowds. I’m working on socializing more but it’s been a slower process especially with men and children. I think a trainer would be good for me so I learn that strangers don’t always mean danger. The ARTS people said that one stipulation of adopting me is that you book an appointment with my trainer. As I am terrified of men, I am looking for a female-only home. I do have some separation anxiety, so I would not do well in an apartment or condo, as I can bark and howl at times.


Once I have bestowed upon you that you are my “person”, get ready for lots of cuddles, kisses, silliness and affection.  I am looking for someone to take me on walks and who is active.  I’m very focussed on getting my exercise in, and food puzzles will exercise my brain too.


When not exercising I spend most of my day napping close to you. Let's be honest, I will also be watching your every move, I hope you don't mind me staring.  I have had almost all my teeth removed so I enjoy soft food (although I do eat regular kibble) and am a sucker for treats.  Medically I’m fit and feeling great even if I’m considered a senior.  I can get along with other dogs and cats as long as they aren't too in my face and high strung.  I love beds and couches and will be especially thrilled if you have a ton of pillows on them so I can throw them off.


I’m just starting to learn how to spend more time by myself at home, but would obviously prefer to go with you if I can.  I’m well behaved in the car and out on adventures like canoeing or trail walks.  I haven’t had any accidents in my foster mammas home and prefer to do my “business” outside.  You’ll actually enjoy taking me out to do that because I’m apparently quite hilarious in my stretching and shuffling after I finish.


 I’m looking forward to showing you my loving and goofy side. I will be your best friend for life, so please apply here to get the adoption process started. 

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