Age:  14 years old

Breed: Schnauzer/Poodle mix

Gender: Female

Dogs: Yes

Cats: Yes

Kids: 10+

Location: Edmonton

Medical: Heart murmur (on medication), mild kidney issues, no teeth.

ADOPTION STATUS: Available for Adoption

Dakota's Story


Hi everyone. I'm Dakota and I would like to tell you about my world. I am 14 years old, turning 15 in July. I am very quiet and enjoy a laid back lifestyle. I recently had to have the last of my teeth removed, so my fosters lovingly call me Gummy Bear. I think that's a wonderful nickname for me. 


I have never barked in my foster home, even when the other dogs go a bit crazy. The only sounds they have ever heard from me is my gentle snoring when I am sleeping.  I spend a good part of my time just resting and relaxing on these wonderful comfy beds or on the floor during the day. My preference at night is to sleep on the cool floor with a light blanket under me. I'm not a big cuddler, but do prefer to stay close to you while you go about your day, and love to get rubs. I am good in the car and am well behaved in public.


I have a heart murmur and am on medication for that. The meds have really brought me some new-found vitality. Sometimes I romp around the house with my toys, and I especially love to bounce after my foster mom when she's getting my food ready. I really love meal time. I have slightly elevated kidney levels so the wonderful folks at ARTS put me on a Kidney Care diet. I have the kibble soaked in warm water with a tablespoon of canned food to give it more flair and flavor.


I need someone home most of the time as I have to go outside regularly to do my business. I have had some accidents in the house if I don't get out quite often enough. I am an older lady, so I don't have those really strong bladder muscles anymore. I do well if I'm let out every few hours. I enjoy being outside for short periods but can't be left out in the heat or cold. I like short walks at a leisurely pace. Lot's of sniffing to be done. I do have to be watched on walks as I sometimes like to pick up random things and try to eat them.


I have not been around children or cats in my foster home or previous home, but we think I would be okay with both as long as they don't get rough with me. Older children/teens would be okay, but likely not young children. I get along with the other doggies in my foster home but don't really interact with them, so having another dog is not essential. If you think you would be the awesome companion(s) I am looking for, please send these wonderful ARTS people an application here so we can meet.


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