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Age: 10 Years old

Breed: Brown and white Tabby DSH

Gender: Female

Dogs: Unknown

Cats: Prefers to be only pet

Kids: 12+

Location: Calgary

Medical: Healthy

Dado's Story


Dado is a 10 year old kitty that came to ARTS after her household got too busy for her. She became very stressed with children in the home and was not a happy camper. She has since come in to foster care and though it took her a while to come out of her shell, now she is a happy and affectionate little girl.


Dado is still playful and loves chasing a feather wand or playing on her cat tree. You really would not know that she is a senior. She loves a gentle brushing but like most cats she will tell you when she's done getting attention. Dado is the queen of her world and does not take well to other animals invading that space. She will do best where she is the only cat.


The vet gave Dado a clean bill of health, including her teeth! Its probably because she loves her Greenie Dental Treats the most and it is the fastest way to her heart.

Do you have an empty lap for Dado? She can't wait to crawl in. The first step is to apply here and one of our adoption team members will reach out to you.

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