Age:  11 years old

Breed: Lhasa Apso X

Gender: Female

Dogs: Yes

Cats: Yes

Kids: Yes

Location: Calgary

Medical: On liver supplements until July, then she will need her liver valves rechecked.

ADOPTION STATUS: No longer accepting applications

Cinnamon's Story


Hey everyone, I'm Cinnamon! My foster mom says I am incredibly smart. First off, I am a guard dog. I must protect my family and my family includes 2 dogs, a cat that I love, and 4 humans. I love everyone but sometimes when the man leaves to go to work and comes back I forget that they are my family and I bark at them. Okay, so it's not just work, sometimes they go to the kitchen and I forget then too, but once I remember it's my family we are okay. 

Walking me is fun. First you must get the harness on which involves some gymnastics (I am getting better), and then I am all over the sidewalk and will even walk on the road if you let me. I spin in circles while walking and I am extraordinarily strong for such a little dog. If you do not pay attention, I could trip you. My foster mom is helping me learn to walk and not pull. I do bark on my walk if someone is coming towards us but if they are on the other side even with a dog I do not bark.


I sleep on a bed in my foster parents’ room. I will come to the bed and reach up if I think I should be in bed with them instead of my own, but usually if they tuck me in to my own bed again I'm happy. Sometimes I can get up a couple of times in the night because I need to know that the humans are safe  (I'm a great guard dog after all). I think I could be quite happy sleeping on your bed with you, but my foster mom reminds me that I have an extremely comfortable bed to sleep on.


Here is the big thing with me…. I need to be everywhere you are. The humans call it "separation anxiety" but I am good on my own if you need to run a few quick errands. Still, no one out of the house all day please. If you put a bed in every room that's within eyesight of you, I think we'll get along just fine!

I love being outside as long as you are out with me, but I need a secure yard as I was an escape artist in another lifetime. I love looking out the gate and windows in the house. My foster mom puts beds down in the sun and shade outside, but I just sit looking at the door as I want to be by her. If you put me out I do my business and then I wait at the door to get back in.


 I spin and dance when you talk to me and run the length of the hallway if you throw toys. Sometimes I bring the toy back or run somewhere else with it. It’s a game, right? If I get too excited playing I may have an accidental pee, but foster mom says she just puts me out after rough playing and so then there is no laundry to be done.

I do not like my face touched so it is hard to clean my eyes and I only take pills with pill pockets. Sometimes I make you guess as to whether I will take the pill pockets or not though, because really I just want velvetta cheese.


I will lay beside a dog but only after they are in the bed. I like eating out of raised food dishes. I did steal a treat from my brother, but he is gentle and knew he’d get another one from foster mom. I will jump on the couch spin roll around and bark just for fun.

So that's about it from me. Do we sound like a great match? If we do you should apply here so we can get started!