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Chewbacca Puff Puff

Age:  Est 10 years old

Breed: Grey DLH

Gender: Male

Dogs: No

Cats: Maybe

Kids: Older kids if calm and respectful

Location: Edmonton

Medical: Healthy

ADOPTION STATUS: Available for Adoption

Chewbacca's Story


Chewbacca Puff Puff is my name! Yes, you read that correctly. I have a long elaborate name but that is perfect as I am a large fluffy grey cat. When my original owner got me as a kitten I was a ball of grey fur, hence the Puff Puff in my name. I am a youngster in ARTS as I am only 10 years old.


I am a healthy boy. I heard a rumour that I need some dental work but the humans tell me that will be happening soon.


I previously lived with a number of other cats and there is one other cat in my current foster home, but honestly I really want to be an only cat. I am quite selective about what other cats I will tolerate. I absolutely don’t want to live with any dogs and no young kids. I hate loud noises; really the noises don’t have to be that loud for me to hide. I am quite skittish. A home with one or two quiet adults would be my preference.


If you are at home a lot I would really like that. I love attention once I get to know you. I can be a pretty good lap cat or I can sit beside you while we watch TV. I am not even fussy about your choice of shows. Romance, sports, news, documentaries. It is all the same to me. I just want someone sitting on the couch and petting me.


I eat both dry and canned food. I kind of like a water fountain rather than a bowl for my drinking water. Regular servings of Temptation treats are a requirement. I have good house manners, don’t scratch the furniture, use my litter box, don’t get on counters – actually I might be a little too heavy & a bit too old for that. I really enjoy having a cat tree to perch on and watch everyone.


My foster Mom says when I came I was very scared and hid under the bed for days and days. I needed a lot of encouragement to eat the first few days. She added tuna juice to my canned food to coax me to eat and I only snuck out at night when everyone was asleep to eat and use my box. Now though, I've settled in and i'm a sweet friendly boy. 


 Are you at home a lot? Do you have a nice quiet house? Could I be your companion? Contact the folks at ART and apply here to meet me.

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