Age:  11 Years Old

Breed: Chihuahua 

Gender: Male

Dogs: One small friend might be okay

Cats: untested

Kids: No Thank You

Location: Edmonton

Medical: Charlie has a grade 5/6 heart murmur and takes medication for it twice a day.

ADOPTION STATUS: No Longer Accepting Applications. 

Charlie's Story

Hi!  I am Charlie, the cheeky Chi. My foster family also calls me Squeaker as a nickname. I had a very loving family but I decided that a busy household with lots of other friends just wasn't for me, so now I'm hanging out with my buddies at ARTS.


I am 11 years old and, like a lot of Chihuahuas, I have a heart murmur. That doesn't stop me from loving my walks though! I don't really play with toys but I love sitting on the window sill watching the world go by. I like to sit with you on the couch but I'm not a big snuggler and not really a lap dog. At night I like to sleep in my own bed on the floor. 

I am mobile enough that I can navigate the stairs but boy are those loooong staircases a little scary. I can do them but sometimes I need a minute to build up the mental fortitude. I also do a little bit of a stair dance which always makes my foster giggle.


 I'm a good boy in the house and I am perfectly housetrained. I will squeak when I want to go outside (hence the nickname!). I'm so smart I can even tell the time. For example, I know exactly when dinner is. Sometimes I'll fudge it a little and tell you it's dinner time when it is not, but really I'm just being considerate by keeping you on your toes. I much prefer to make funny little squeaking noises and I'm not a big barker. which my foster family seems to appreciate. 

I think I would prefer a calm and steady home without a lot of pets and no children. If you have a home with more than one other (very calm) furry friend, I am not going to be the dog for you. 

Please apply here if you think you can give me the perfect new home!

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