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Age:  15 years old

Breed: Boston Terrier/Chihuahua

Gender: Male

Dogs: Yes

Cats: Yes

Kids: Yes

Location: Calgary

Medical/Behavioral: Capone is working on marking but is a healthy boy!

ADOPTION STATUS: Available for Adoption

Capone's Story


Capone (aka Cappie or Lil Dude) believes that age is just a number and that he’s actually a “young” 15 years. He loves to go on adventures with you and gets very excited (aerial spins) when he sees his leash come out.


He loves to go for walks, hikes or to pet-friendly stores. He loves to suntan in the backyard for hours at a time, play tug of war, and toss toys around the house. He prefers to either sleep in bed with you (ideally snuggled in your blankets) or if you forgot to put your laundry – in your laundry basket.


He’s a shockingly agile boy who still easily conquers steep stairs, can hop on your bed or onto his favourite chair. He’s great with other dogs – from puppies to seniors; and is happy around respectful kids because that just means more people to snuggle with. He GREATLY enjoys his snuggles.


Capone does occasionally feel like he needs to alert you as to the going-ons in the neighborhood; but he tells us that he really is just trying to save us from the next squirrel invasion. 


This little guy was surrendered for marking in the house so with his foster he’s been working hard on not marking when he’s in a new place – and we’re happy to report that he’s much improved.


Capone is a fantastic little dog that is ready for his next adventure and final forever home. Please apply here. to bring him home!

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