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Age:  13 (Xander) and 16 (Bowie)

Breed: Grey Tabby and Calico

Gender: Male & Female

Dogs: Yes

Cats: Yes

Kids: No

Location: Edmonton

Medical: Xander needs to eat wet food to prevent urinary blockage. Bowie has an auto immune disease called Pemphigus Foliaceous. Her body attacks the superficial layers of her skin and she has to take a daily immunosuppressive to help manage her breakouts

ADOPTION STATUS: Available for Adoption

Xander and Bowie's Story

Xander is a 12 year old gentle giant. He is definitely more shy than Bowie and will take longer to adjust to his new living situation. Once he warms up he is a very friendly loving cat. He isn't much of a cuddler but he loves pets and demands them often, If you put your hand out Xander will rub on it with his cheeks, hoping you will rub them back.


You do not have to be gentle when petting Xander, he loves firm petting and a bit of faux wrestling. He is very smart knows "sit" "up" and "high five", which he will do for treats. He is EXTREMELY food motivated and he could probably learn a lot more tricks!


Xander is a vocal boy thanks to his Siamese heritage. He loves to sit high up in his cat tree looking out the window, and he will try to make a run for the door when he can. There are no litter box issues with Xander.


Xander loves his food. He is not a cat that can be free range fed or he will over eat. He needs to be on a wet food diet with a splash of water added to the food as he has had a urinary blockage in the past. Otherwise Xander's health is pretty good, but you will need to watch his bloodwork for life to make sure he develops no symptoms of thyroid disease. He has also had pancreatic flare ups in the past but so far his fosters have not witnessed any.


Bowie is a super cuddly and beautiful old lady. She is 16 years old and physically tiny. She loves nothing more than to sit on a warm lap as long as you let her. Bowie is friendly and not shy with strangers. She should adjust to the move really well.


Like a lot of cats Bowie does have a spicy attitude when she wants, but mostly her foster family finds it funny. She is very vocal with her temper but has not scratched anyone. Unlike Bowie she does not like heavy petting and prefers light gentle touches mostly around her head and chin.


Open water is a game for Bowie, she loves fresh water. Bowie is a very clean cat and hates nothing more than a dirty litter box. If it isn't cleaned on a daily basis she may find a pile of dirty clothes or something else to pee on. She is very good about using her litter box as long as it's maintained though.


Bowie is a very health cat outside her autoimmune disease. Her autoimmune disease is called Pemphigus Foliaceous. Her body attacks the superficial layers of her skin and has to take a daily immunosuppressive to help manage her breakouts. She takes Atopica for cats for her disease, and recently her dosage was lowered and frequency decreased, Still,  any adopter will need to keep an eye out for the breakouts. Keeping her indoors will help.

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