Age:  17 years old

Breed: DSH 

Dogs: Yes

Cats: Yes

Kids: Teenagers ok, unknown with younger kids

Location: Calgary

Medical: Medication for stomach issues (Please read additional details in his profile below)

Bourne's Story

This beautiful boy is full of life and love at seventeen years old. He has some stomach issues that have caused him to lose weight but meds and diet are working to fix that. 

Bourne is wonderfully opinionated and prefers things done his way. He likes his martini shaken, not stirred (no, wait, that’s the other famous secret agent). Bourne likes his canned food fluffed up nicely before it’s served to him. He has no hesitation about telling you when you don’t do things properly but you get to bask in his presence and pet him so it’s an exchange. 

There is some flexibility around family dynamics as long as Bourne gets to be in charge. Currently, he's in a house with large dogs and other cats; he's good with both and would continue to be so in a new home as long as they are respectful. We suspect the same would apply to small dogs. He would be more than happy to be in a family with multiple adults (including teenagers), but we have no knowledge of his experience or reaction to children.

It's obvious to us that Bourne was in charge of his previous household and he prefers it that way. Clearly, he's the only one who can be trusted with the responsibility. 


Apply today if you think you could give him the purrfect home!

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