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Age:  12 years old

Breed: Westie (no papers)

Gender: Female

Dogs: Yes

Cats: unknown

Kids: Older kids of calm and respectful

Location: Edmonton

Medical: Diabetic, arthritis, some allergies

ADOPTION STATUS: No Longer Accepting Applications

Bobbie's Story

Meet Bobbie! She has very quickly wormed her way in to her foster family's heart. It's clear that her easy going, social, and loving disposition would immediately make her the apple of someone's eye!


Bobbie loves walks and dogs parks and enjoys having other dogs around. She greets them with a friendly sniff and tail wag, despite not being able to see them very clearly. Bobbie is always enthusiastic to go on a stroll. She has some joint pain from a previous knee surgery, and being 12 years old makes for some coming of age aches and pains, but that doesn't stop her though; she will keep up with your pack given the opportunity. 


Bobbie is a perfect sleeper. She is crate trained for night time and sleeps without a peep until its time to happily greet you in the morning. She also loves to snooze in her bed during the day; a girl needs her beauty sleep. Bobbie also adores snacks, but her meal times are restricted to twice a day to maintain her diabetic diet.


 Bobbie is a dream in the car and a quiet house guest. She loves being around her people but because she is mostly deaf she startles quite easily and would not do well with fast grabby hands. She has some anxiety when left alone and will bark. As such she prefers someone who will be home a lot to enjoy her golden years with.


With her perfect boopable nose, whip tail, and curious ears, Bobbie is the most adorable furry friend. She does have some medical needs though,  Bobbie is diabetic and stable. She requires insulin shots twice a day for the rest of her years. Bobbi also has allergies and requires a sensitive skin and stomach, fish based dog food. No chicken or grain as it makes her itchy. To control her itchiness she may also need an aid such as Apoquel, given easily in her food, if it worsens during certain seasons.


Being a senior with a previous knee surgery Bobbie does have some leg pain and struggles with stairs. but she is perfectly okay with you carrying her. She is prescribed Metacam to ease her joint pain but other alternatives are welcome. Bobbie is prone to ear infections and this will need to be regularly monitored and antibiotics and/or cleanings may be required. Bobbie is both going deaf and blind but she has no problem getting around the house. Lastly, miss Bobbie has a small bladder in part due to her diabetes, so she needs someone who will let her out regularly. 


Please apply here if you think Bobbie is the right fit for your family!

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