Age:  9 years old

Breed: Great Dane

Gender: Male

Dogs: Big Dogs 

Cats: No

Kids: 16+

Location: Calgary

Medical: Arthritis, laryngeal paralysis (this condition requires me to stay cool and calm - no crazy off leash parties for me!), lack of bowel control

ADOPTION STATUS: Available for Adoption

Ben's Story

My name is Ben and my foster mom says I am a real sweetie and very lovable.  I love to receive cuddles and hugs and kisses and will even give a kiss back.  I am very smart and have already figured out routines, where to go and where I am living now.


 I love to go for walks but I can’t go far and I stop for rests along the way.  I walk very well on a leash and right beside my person.


My back end is a little weak with arthritis, but my medication helps.  I also have trouble breathing (laryngeal spasm) and so I have to stop to catch my breath.  But then I love to go again.  


I love my comfy dog beds, but I have a hard time getting up from lying down, and mom helps lift up my back end sometimes, but once I’m up its good.  I can do stairs, but feel unsure on the slippery ones, so my foster mom stands behind me and encourages me to go up.  I am ok going down stairs and just take it slow, and its much better if there is carpet on the stairs.  I really love back and hip massages and warm showers.  

I like to go for car rides, and can get my front end up in the car but my foster mom lifts up my back end, and getting out is ok.  I like to go with you everywhere, and I enjoy spending all day sleeping beside my foster mom who works at home.  I am ok left alone but get really excited when she comes back.  

I really like my big dog buddies and spend a lot of time with my dog friend Rusty.  But cats get me very excited and I want to chase them, so a home with no cat would be better. I am good with older kids, but get excited with younger kids running around cause its just like the cat. And if there are very excited high energy dogs at the dog park, or little dogs, I get overly excited cause they seem like the cats too.  


When someone comes to the door I will let you know with barks, but they are not very loud because of my throat.  I can still hear and see very well, and I love to watch and try and chase the squirrels that run around in the backyard, even though I can't move very fast.

I know I have some special needs and that I'm elderly for a Great Dane, but I promise you that for the time I do have, I will spend it loving you. If you would like to be that person, please apply here.