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Age: 14 Years old

Breed: Himalayan Ragdoll X

Gender: Female

Dogs: Prefers to be only pet

Cats: Prefers to be only pet

Kids: 12+

Location: Edmonton

Medical: Bella eats a prescription diet for kidney disease. Bella has two eyes in her profile photo but has since had one removed. She is now all healed up. 

Bella's Story


Bella has had a long journey under ARTS' care. She came to us a year ago after her human passed away and she was not getting along with the animals in her new home. She was recluse and hid from everyone. It took a very long time to gain her trust and once we were able to get her vetted we discovered that she had Glaucoma in her eye which was causing her pain. She recently underwent surgery to remove the eye and suddenly Bella is a totally different cat. She is now more active and very loving. She is still shy around strangers, commotion, and other animals but once she knows you she purrs and kisses and just has so much love to give. 

Bella will curl up for hours on her foster mom's lap, so we hope you have a good book or TV show to watch! She loves to be brushed and was only recently shaved because her foster mom has a broken wrist and could not brush her. For now she is quite happy to have her face and tale combed while her coat grows out to the most perfect ombre colouring. 

Given Bella's history she would be the perfect pet for a singleton or retiree couple who does not have other kids or pets. She is gentle and while she is feeling better these days she is still too sensitive for a busy household.


 If you are looking to add some warmth to your home as the weather gets colder, please do not hesitate to reach out. Bella is going to be the perfect lap cat for someone.  You can apply here to meet her. 

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