Bailey & Dexter



AGE: 11-12

BREED: Cocker Spaniel (no papers) and Hound Mix

GENDER: Both are male


CATS: Unknown (but we may be able to test for successful applicants)



MEDICAL: Bailey has Addison's disease, and Dexter is on medication for high blood pressure.

LOCATION: Edmonton


Hi I am Bailey and this is my brother-from-another-mother Dexter. He’s a bit bigger than me, about medium sized, but that doesn’t stop us from being bonded. We will need to find a home together. 


You may have heard our story that was posted to the ARTS social media pages. We came from a household where our family, especially a little boy, loved us very much. Due to a tragedy we lost our dad and our family just couldn’t be there the way we needed them to be. We are sad, but we are glad they sent us to ARTS so that we can find a new home. 


Now let’s talk about me. I am the cuddliest dog you will ever meet. In fact, if there is a lap within eye shot I will find it and climb on up. Don’t worry if you aren’t sure where the best place to pet me is, I’ll wiggle around until you are in juuuust the right spot. I am getting older and I’m pretty deaf these days, but I do follow your commands when I can hear them. I still like to go for walks around the neighborhood, but mostly I am enjoying life in the slow lane. 


When I first got to ARTS I felt very stressed out about changing homes, so I went in to something called an Addison crisis. A crisis means that I was having acute adrenal failure. It took me a long time to feel better but now that I do my Addison’s is actually pretty easily managed with some medication. The people at ARTS recommend googling Addison’s disease in dogs to get a basic idea of why I sometimes don’t feel very good, but they will also gladly answer any questions or inquiries you might have about it.


Like me, it took a while for Dexter to find his new normal without our old family and it was a stressful time for him. The move made Dexter insecure, so he started to resource guard his new foster mom. His foster family worked with a trainer and learned how to set healthy boundaries and some ground rules. Now Dexter really likes his foster dad and one of his favourite things to do is to just lay on the floor with him and enjoy a snuggle. Dexter also takes high blood pressure medication. While the humans think that some of his blood pressure problems were just from stress, it’s likely he will need to be on them indefinitely. 


My Brother is the more active one of the two of us. He really enjoys fetch and having a little play in the yard. That said, he’s still laid back and is happy to have an afternoon snooze. Dexter isn’t quite as cuddly as I am, but that might be for the best because otherwise you wouldn’t be able to fit all the humans and both of us on the couch! 


If you are able to give my brother and I a second chance at a family, please put in an adoption application so that we can meet.


Bailey & Dexter
Bailey & Dexter



Bailey & Dexter
Bailey & Dexter