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Age: 15 Years old

Breed: Siberian Forest Cat

Gender: Female/Male

Dogs: Yes

Cats: Yes

Kids: Yes

Location: Calgary

Medical: Asia takes thyroid medication

Asia and Blueberry's Story

Hi my name is Blueberry. I was surrendered to ARTS with my sister Princess Asia when our human became too poorly to look after us. We are both 15 years old and you’ve probably noticed we are a rather good looking pair of felines. That’s because we are purebred Siberian Forest Cats. As always when adopting a purebred animal, we recommend looking up their breed before hand to learn more about their common character traits. 


Asia and I have lived a good life, we were loved and taken good care of. Asia has a bit of an issue with her thyroid and was recently put on medication but don’t let that deter you.  I heard the humans say it’s not too expensive. We are pretty low maintenance and healthy otherwise.


I am more sociable than my sister for sure. I’m quite outgoing and I don’t take long to adjust to new environments. I love exploring the house, following my human, sitting in my cat tree napping or watching the birds. Asia is a bit more independent and if she’s not lying with me, she will find a quite space to nap. She will let you know when she wants to be petted, which is ok because it means there’s more pets for me. I love being petted and brushed.


Although at 15 we do enjoy our naps, we also like to play a little. We eat well, use our litter box and are all round polite house guests. At meal time I wait for Asia to eat first, the humans think I’m being a gentleman but I’m just making sure she thinks it’s good before I tuck in. We currently live with our foster Mum, 5 cats and a blind senior dog so it’s safe to say we get along with other animals.


We would really love to find our forever home. We are brother and sister and have been together our entire lives, so we do need a home where we can stay together. I'm wondering if that might be with you? If you’d like to meet us, please apply here  and fill out an application. We are pretty excited to meet you!


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