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Age:  5-6 years old

Breed: Shih Tzu Miz

Gender: Female

Dogs: Yes

Cats: Yes

Kids: 10+

Location: Edmonton

Medical: Separation Anxiety

ADOPTION STATUS: No longer accepting applications

Trixie's Story

Trixie came to us as a vet surrender a few months ago, but since then she has all healed up and the vet now thinks she's younger than we thought! Trixie is ready to find her forever home. She will stick to you and love you unconditionally after about 8 hours getting to know you. 

Trixie is good in the house but like a lot of small dogs she does occasionally have accidents. She loves to sleep on the top of the couch and look out the window. Trixie is a bit of a princess and is not crate trained, instead she tends to end up on the end of the bed, so don't worry there is lots of room for you too. 

Unfortunately little Trixie has some bad separation anxiety and needs someone who can be with her for the majority of the day. She may also benefit from a trainer who can help with her human resource guarding as she will sometimes growl at new people who enter her foster's office. She does not guard food though, and can be fed in the same room as other dogs. 

Trixie would not do well in an apartment or town home as she can be a bit vocal. She is not very toy motivated but instead loves belly scratches and walks. She can be excitable when she first goes out on leash but settles in and is a good girl. Trixie is fostered with other small dogs and has met big dogs and cats at the vet clinic where she seemed to do just fine. She has also met children and did just fine, but because of the guarding issue very young children would not be advisable. 


Does Trixie sound like the right new family member for you? Please apply here to get the adoption process started. 

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