Tiny & Baby

Age:  10 (Tiny) / 11 (Baby)

Breed: Chihuahua

Gender: Male (Tiny) / Female (Baby)

Dogs: Great with dogs of all sizes

Cats: Untested, but will likely be ok

Kids: They LOVE kids - this would be a bonus :)

Location: Edmonton

Medical: Baby has an enlarged heart which required medication and monitoring. Tiny has a grade 2 heart murmur that doesn't require treatment at this time, but might in the future.

Tiny & Baby's Story

Hello everyone! It’s so exciting to finally be able to introduce ourselves! I’m Tiny, aka Tiny Man or Chonk - that's what my foster family calls me! This here is my girl Baby, she’s a bit shy, so I’ll do the talking. Before I start, I should let you know that we’ve been with each other our whole lives, which means we need a home where we can stay together! 


Let me tell you about Baby first. She’s a nervous girl, especially when she first meets you. It may take her some time to adjust to her new surroundings and she can be a bit vocal when we are first in a new home, so a detached home is best. She isn’t a fan of car rides, and will serenade you the WHOLE.ENTIRE.RIDE! That being said, once she's comfortable with her people, she loves them unconditionally and spends her whole day on the couch cuddling and giving tons of kisses. Her favourite human is her foster brother who's only 9 years old, so it would be great if you have older kids , in fact, we would love to have human siblings of our very own! Baby is lazy all day in the home, but gets very excited to go for nice walks. She does have a heart murmur and will require her medication for the rest of her life. But she’s worth it, because she has a huge heart and tons of love to give! 


Now, about myself! Like Baby, I really enjoy my cuddles! I can spend hours on your lap sleeping away. Once in a while I get the zoomies, but I just want to be close to you! When you get home, I’ll show you how much I missed you by licking and jumping at your legs, and trying to crawl my way up to your face to smother you in love! I also enjoy older respectful kids, but can take or leave my younger foster siblings. Sometimes their energy makes me grumbly and I want them to go away. I’d never hurt them, I just can’t keep up with them! I am cautious when meeting new people, but I know I have to be brave for Baby, so I take the lead to let her know everything is ok. 


We would love to sleep on your bed, because where you are, we want to be. We're currently in a home with large dogs and another chihuahua, so we get along with everyone!


If your looking for double the love, and double the trouble (just kidding, foster mom says we are pawfect!), then make sure you send in your application. We're excited for our future and can’t wait to meet you!

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