Age: 12 years old

Breed: Colour Pointed DMH

Gender: Female

Dogs: Yes

Cats: Yes

Kids: Untested

Location: Calgary

Location: Sensitive stomach - see full profile for more details.

Tessa's Story

Lady Tessa may seem judgemental and wary of new people at first but it is only because she is careful with her trust and her heart. Being uprooted from her home of 12 years, she met her foster mom as an anxious and fragile little lady. However, after spending the last two months learning that it is okay to love again, Tessa has grown into a confident and goofy cat that has a cotton-soft coat. With some soothing bedtime stories and an abundance of patience, you will be surprised with how tender and needy this cookies-n-cream shadow is. Tessa spends her day napping on only the comfiest of blankets, and if you happen to be underneath any of them, without a doubt she will cuddle you as well. Hopefully you won’t mind her delicate snoring.


Although she does not like being held, head scratches are never denied! With a purr so loud, you will know exactly how much she appreciates it AND YOU. No need to buy her expensive toys, her favourite thing to play with is a string that she could try to catch for hours. We say “try to catch” because while Tessa may have the prettiest blue eyes, her eyesight is questionable, adding to her goofy character! Tessa would do well with another cat sibling, someone that is not too serious and can handle her playful pawing. Not to worry, the little hisses she makes when playing are a distraction so she can gain the upper hand. With a cat sibling that she tolerates, you might be able to catch them snoozing together. Whenever she needs a moment to wind down, you can be sure that Tessa will be staring out a bright window on the lookout for any feathery foe, determined to rid any that come too close.


The only health notes we have for this lovely lady is that she does have a sensitive and nervous stomach. Her meals of dry kibble should be scattered on the floor or using a slow/puzzle feeder, as she gets too excited about food and will have a second showing of it moments later. Her stomach gets notably upset when getting her fur brushed or when she’s getting her nails trimmed. The trick to getting those done is to do them while she’s taking her naps.


If you are not yet enticed by her wordy profile, make sure to check out Tessa’s pictures; they’ll be sure to steal your heart in an instant. And if you think you could give this blue-eyed beauty a home, please fill out an application today!

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