Age: 15 years old


Dogs: Yes

Cats: Yes

Kids: Unknown

Location: Calgary

Medical: Pebbles is diabetic. She recently went in to remission and does not require insulin. 

Pebbles' Story

Hi, Pebbles here. Settling in nicely and taking control of my foster home while I wait for the purrfect family to come along. My foster family was prepared for me to be shy and nervous during the adjustment period but I just stepped out of that carrier, stretched out, and strolled over to meet everyone. It is a quieter home here than what I am used to. No other dogs or cats but that is ok.  I kind of like my space. 


My foster family says that I am a really easy cat and very helpful around the house. Is your lap cold? Just sit down and I’ll be right there to warm it up. Scared of a dangling string, shoelace, or housecoat sash? I’ll be happy to attack it for you. Worried that you might forget to feed me?  No chance of that. I’ll remind you. My foster family says my clock even runs a bit fast because maybe I start reminding them a couple of hours in advance of meal time. They also tell me I’m a bit messy at meal time but don’t you think that food tastes better eaten off a mat instead of out of a bowl? I do try to clean up every little bit. I’m careful to always use my litter box and my scratching pad so no problems there. My foster mom says she loves waking up in the morning and seeing me sitting there watching her and waiting to have a morning cuddle.  I must admit I do love naps as well. Laps, chairs, floors, and people beds are all good places for naps and I take full advantage.


The family tells me that they were a bit nervous initially because they had never had a foster with diabetes before. That whole insulin shot thing. But the good people of ARTS showed them how and it has turned out to be just as easy as they said. And the best part? I don't even need the shots anymore! I'm in something called remission, which means I still have diabetes, but it is managed through diet and exercise.


Do you have room in your home, your lap, and your heart for a practically purrfect kitty?  Apply for me here.


Love Pebbles

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