NALA & CHLOE (Bonded)

Age: 14/15 years old

BreedWhite DSH

Gender: Female

Dogs: Yes

Cats: Yes

Kids: Untested (Nala is timid, but respectful and/or older kids would likely be ok)

Location: Edmonton

Medical: Both are on a kidney supplement and Nala required kidney food and an additional mobility supplement.

Nala & Chloe's Story

Hello, my name is Chloe and I’m here with my sister Nala! Nala is very sweet but she’s a little more timid and needs time to get used to new people and surroundings, so I’ll do the talking for now. We are very bonded sisters and we like to hang out together on the couch. If you are on the couch to sit on and snuggle with, even better. We both really love to be pet and even shy Nala likes to be held like a baby once she feels more familiar with you.


Nala and I are food motivated kitties and we are always hungry for treats, but who isn’t?! Sometimes I steal my sister’s food when I’m supposed to be eating a prescription kidney food, but she doesn’t mind because I take care of her.


We are both quiet and mild tempered cats who are enjoying retired life. My hearing isn’t very good these days, but I don’t really feel like I’m missing anything. Oh, except sometimes if I can’t hear you sneak up on me from behind I will make a silly sound, kinda like Chewbacca.


We feel pretty indifferent towards other animals, so we may get along with the animals in your current household. When we first arrived we needed some serious grooming and Nala had to be shaved. She looks a little funny right now, but her hair will grow back!


If you want to know anything else about us, be sure to contact the ARTS adoption team or fill out an application for us hereWe can't wait to meet you!

Love Chloe & Nala xoxo

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