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MEEKO & MARGE (Bonded)

Age:  Est 18 (Meeko) and 13 (Marge)

Breed: Black & White

Gender: Male & Female

Dogs: Maybe

Cats: Maybe

Kids: Maybe

Location: Calgary

Medical: Meeko needs arthritis management and kidney food. Marge takes seizure meds.

ADOPTION STATUS: Available for Adoption

Meeko and Marge's Story


Hi, I’m Meeko (more black) and she’s Marge (bigger with the black dot on her nose).  We are looking for a loving, doting home to call our forever home. Unfortunately our owner got too sick to care for us and took us to the vet so we could find another home. We have been in our foster home for 1.5 years now. 

 The vet thinks I (meeko) am around 18, but you would never know it. I get a shot each month for pain related to my arthritis. My foster mom says now I act like a kitten. I also  have stage 2 kidney disease but right now it just means I eat senior food and I get extra water with my wet food.  It is something we have to keep an eye on but now it’s been steady and under control. I just got my teeth looked at and cleaned up! Since I’ve been with ARTS I feel like a new man. 


I appreciate a good nap in the morning and in the afternoon and the secret to my youthfulness is a good nights sleep. yawn. I come off confident. I’ll make myself right at home. But when I’m nervous, I’m sassy.  So it might take me some time to warm up to you. When I get to know you I will give you all my love. When I’m comfortable I’m a cuddler. 

Marge is younger than me. She is about 13 years old. She’s okay I guess.  Marge is the strong silent type. She gained a bunch of weight a while ago and now she is eating less and working on her fitness.  Shortly after we got to our foster home they noticed Marge would blink really fast, stumble when walking and pass out for a minute or so. The vet says she has seizures. Our foster mom worked really hard to make our home stress free and with her medication every 8 hours it’s hardly noticeable anymore. 


A home with only us would be the most ideal but isn't an absolute must. Marge doesn’t mind dogs, cats and kids but I’m too old for that. I’m a bit of a scaredy cat when it comes to new things. When I am not sleeping, I do enjoy playing with Marge, sitting in the window with Marge and snuggling with my foster mom. 


We love to play, and we love catnip. We enjoy fresh air and would love a catio. We like to watch birds and squirrels and lay out in the sun.  

Ready to learn more about us and talk to our adoption team? Please apply here. There is no obligation associated with our adoption application but it gives the humans a better idea of whether we are the right fit, or who else might be. 

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