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MEEKO & MARGE (Bonded)

Age:  15 (Meeko) and 10 (Marge)

Breed: Black & White

Gender: Male & Female

Dogs: No

Cats: Yes

Kids: Yes

Location: Calgary

Medical: Kidney Disease, prescription diet. Needs help with weight loss.

ADOPTION STATUS: Available for Adoption

Meeko and Marge's Story

Hi, I’m Meeko, the mostly black one, and the lady beside me is Marge. Marge doesn’t talk to anyone except to me,  so I’ll give you the low down on us. 


Unfortunately our owner got too sick to care for us and took us to the vet so we could find another home. The vets think I’m around 13-16. I have stage 2 kidney disease but right now it just means I eat senior food and I get extra water with my wet food.  It is something we have to keep an eye on though. 

I appreciate a good nap in the morning... and one mid day.... and one in the afternoon. The real secret to my youthfulness is a good nights sleep ;). When we first meet I come off confident, I’ll make myself right at home, but when I’m nervous I can come across as standoff-ish. That means it might take me some time to warm up to you, but once I do I'm very friendly and a bit of a cuddle bug.   


Marge is bigger than me, but she's actually younger. She is about 7-10 years old. She’s okay I guess, but she always wants to play and that gets in the way of my naps. She also steals my food if no one is watching. Our foster mom always has to watch when we eat to make sure Marge keeps those paws off my food. You see, Marge likes food. A LOT.  She gained a bunch of weight a while ago but now she is eating healthy and working on her fitness. 

When I am not sleeping, I do enjoy playing with Marge, sitting in the window with Marge and snuggling with my foster mom. Marge and I have our own language that always makes our foster mom think a pigeon got in the house. Coooo is what we say to each other. 

I’m not into toys but Marge is. Give me a little pillow of catnip and I’ll be happy. Marge also likes to explore more than me and when the door is open she tries sneaking out to see what she can find to eat and who is there to give her pets. Please watch your door with her around. 

We like other cats, but we don’t like dogs. Kids are okay if they are calm and let us come to them. 


Ready to learn more about us and talk to our adoption team? Please apply here. There is no obligation associated with our adoption application but it gives the humans a better idea of whether we are the right fit, or who else might be. 

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