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Age: 13 Years Old

Breed: Grey DSH

Gender: Female

Dogs: No

Cats: No

Kids: No

Location: Edmonton

Medical: Healthy


Katie's Story

Katie is a sweet, gentle 13 year old kitty who loves to sit or lay in the sun on her comfy bed. She likes to play with her soft "fluff" balls which can be found under the couch or chair and need to be fished out every morning. The red light from the laser light is something she chases with great enthusiasm around the living room.


Katie is not a kitty who will sit in your lap for a cuddle; she prefers to lie near your feet while you are sitting on the couch and within easy reach for a scratch. She also likes to lie on your bed, either when you first go to bed or early in the morning where you can reach her to give her a pet. Purrs come quickly when she gets attention; she likes getting brushed gently and once she is comfortable with you she will allow her nails to get trimmed, be it only 2 - 3 at a time.


Katie should be the only pet in the house and a household of older people - not ambitious and noisy children. She eats both dry and wet food and enjoys catnip sprinkled on her food. Her foster has a sunroom which offers great entertainment in warmer weather where she can watch the birds and squirrels and chase them around the room - contained of course.


Katie is easy to love and likes being talked to. When she wants  attention she will come where you are sitting and stare at you until you notice her and then she runs into the kitchen to sit and wait patiently until she is fed or given a couple of treats. 

Do you have a rodent problem? Katie is an excellent mouser and would love access to a catio or someone who might work on leash training so she can go outside. Outdoor space is not a requirement for adoption but she would probably enjoy it. 


Katie is not hard to look after and will bring someone great joy. She just wants to be loved! Please apply here  and fill out an application to meet her. 


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