Heidi & Fido (Bonded)

Age:  Approx 13.5 years / 8-10 years

Breed: Miniature Pincher / American Eskimo x

Gender: Female / Female

Dogs: Yes

Cats: Yes

Kids: Yes, if quiet and respectful

Location: Calgary


  • Heidi: Dry eye that is well managed through daily drops. Working on weight loss. Only has a couple of teeth left, but does well on softened kibble.

  • Fido: Healthy, but needs to lose some excess lbs.

Heidi & Fido's Story


Hi, my name is Heidi. Although I am an old girl, I’ve just had most of my teeth removed which has given me more spunk and energy as my mouth no longer hurts. Food is something I’ve always enjoyed and I gained an extra couple of pounds indulging. I’ve been working on my summer body though and have been learning to eat a proportioned amount of food. Sometimes I try to sneak my sister’s leftovers when my foster parents aren’t looking as it just tastes so yummy. My foster parents started adding warm water to my kibble and letting it sit to make it softer for my tummy. I prefer a quiet home since it’s easier to take afternoon naps and loud noises can scare me. Currently, I live in a busy house with two cats, a dog, and a toddler. I don’t spend a lot of time with the cats and leave them to do their own thing. I enjoy my foster brother dog but find my foster brother who’s a toddler a little too loud. I love to give him kisses when he’s quiet and relaxed though and enjoy it when he feeds me. When my sister and I arrived at our foster home, she was right by my side the whole time. Now that I’m healthy, I’ve discovered I can spread my wings to explore on my way. I love to be outside and bath in the sunshine. When we go for a walk, I take my time and smell every single blade of grass on the way. Don’t worry though, I know that my sister and foster brother LOVE their walks so I’m happy to take a nap while they’re gone for a long one. 


Hi, my name is Fido. I’m an energetic girl who loves to play and cuddle! Toys that squeak or crinkle are my favourite but you have to tell me to drop it if you want it back. IS THAT A LASER?! I’ll chase it like a cat! I love to go for walks and typically walk beside my foster mom. We usually walk to the park with my foster toddler brother and I love to wander and explore on a retractable lease well they are playing. I love to cuddle on the couch right beside you and my favourite part is when you rub my belly. There’s a good amount to rub too! My foster parents are working with me so I can be in the best shape of my life. Oddly enough, I’m a slow eater as I like to chew one piece of kiddle at a time. It tastes better that way as I get to enjoy every last bit and when I’m done I’ll walk away for a drink of water. I can be a little vocal when someone comes to the door, but when I see someone I know, I can’t help but to do a little dance! Wiggling my bum and tail ALL over the place. Knowing that my sister is well taken care of, I haven’t needed to be by her side the whole time, I get to play and have all the fun! The cats we live with are definitely interesting and I tried chasing them once. I quickly learned that it’s more fun to leave them alone as they don’t like to play chase like dogs do. 


If you're looking for a pair of sisters who will show you endless love through cuddles and play, fill out an online application so we can meet!



Heidi & Fido

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